Navy NECs for the Cryptologic Technician Area

Inside the USS San Antonio
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The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system supplements the enlisted rating structure in identifying personnel on active or inactive duty and billets in manpower authorizations. NEC codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify both people and billets for management purposes.

For example, if a Navy police officer known as Master at Arms or MA, receives specialized training as a K-9 Dog Handler, they would be awarded NEC MA-2005. From that point on, the sailor could be assigned to Navy law enforcement duties involving military working dogs.

Below are the NECs for the cryptologic technician community area:

CT-9102 National OPELINT Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTM-9103 Fleet Cryptologic Systems Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CT-9105 C2 Tactical Analysis Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CT-9124 Direct Support (DIRSUP)/Ships Signals Exploitation Equipment Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTR-9131 Combat Direction Finding System (AN/SRS 1) Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9132 Afloat Cryptologic Manager (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9134 Subsurface Augmentee Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR, CTI)

CT-9135 Subsurface Augmentee ELINT Operator (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTR-9136 Tactical Exploitation System (TES) Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9138 Journeyman Analysis and Reporting Specialist (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTT-9141 Intermediate Technical ELINT (TECHELINT) Analysis Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTR-9147 Intermediate Signals Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTR-9149 Advanced Signals Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CTR-9150 Maritime Cryptologic Systems (Ship's Signal Exploitation Equipment - SSEE) Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)

CT-9168 Advance Non-communications Collection and Analysis Technician (APPLIES TO: CTT)

CTR-9169 Morse Code Intercept Operator (APPLIES TO: CTR)



CTO-9178 NEWSDEALER Communications Operator (APPLIES TO: CTO, IT)

CT0-9179 NEWSDEALER Managers Course (APPLIES TO: IT)

IT-9185 Fleet Integrated Cryptologic Communications Systems (APPLIES TO: IT)

CT-9190 Special Security Assistant (APPLIES TO: CTA, CTR, CTO)

CTI-9192 Basic Thai Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9193 Basic Indonesian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9194 Basic Cambodian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9195 Basic Burmese Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9196 Basic Maly Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9197 Basic Serbo Croatian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9198 Basic Polish Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9202 Basic Tagalog Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9203 Basic Spanish Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9204 Basic French Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CT-9206 Master Cryptologic Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9207 Basic German Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9208 Basic Albanian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9209 Basic Persian (Farsi) Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9211 Basic Chinese (Mandarin) Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9212 Basic Korean Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9213 Basic North Vietnamese Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9215 Basic Hebrew Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI-9216 Basic Arabic Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTM-9224 Tactical Exploitation System Maintenance (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9225 AN/SSQ-137 Ship's Signal Exploitation Equipment- SSEE Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9226 CLASSIC OWL Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM 9229 Submarine Carry on Equipment Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTI 9231 Basic Cryptolinguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTI 9234 Multilingual-Cryptolinguist (APPLIES TO: CTI)

CTM-9238 Submarine Carry on Equipment Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9285 HPW Fundamentals Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9289 Combat Direction Finding System (SRS 1) Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CTM-9295 Network Systems Maintenance Technician (APPLIES TO: CTM)

CT-9301 Entry Level Programmer/Analyst (APPLIES TO: CTM, CTO, CTR, CTT, CTA, CTI )

CT-9302 Cryptologic Network Configuration Manager (APPLIES TO: CTM, CTO, CTR, CTT, CTA, CTI )

CT-9303 Communication Information Systems Course (APPLIES TO: CTO, CTM, IT )

CT-9304 Database Administrator (APPLIES TO: CTT, CTR, CTM, CTA )

CT-9305 Basic Digital Network Analysis (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9306 Network Operations (NWO) (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9307 Network Analysis and Reporting (NAR) (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9308 Navy Interactive ON-NET Operator (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CT-9309 Navy Interactive ON-NET Operator Trainer (APPLIES TO: CTN)

CTI-9310 Basic Bulgarian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9311 Basic Georgian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9312 Basic Kurdish Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9313 Basic Portuguese Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9314 Basic Romanian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

CTI-9315 Basic Ukrainian Linguist (APPLIES TO: CTI )

9316 Basic Linguist (APPLIES TO ALL RATINGS)