Crystal Chen, Guest Author

Community Manager at Potix

Crystal Chen
••• Crystal Chen

Crystal Chen works as the Community Manager at Potix, a privately held software company. Her job involves creating content, managing media requests, creating media campaigns, answering customer questions, building customer relationships and managing the company's social presence (grow an audience via email, Twitter, ​Facebook and Skype). Being a literature and history graduate, her background allows her to appreciate the authenticity and aesthetics of both Eastern and Western cultures, customs, and traditions.

When she is not writing (blog posts, articles, newsletters and more), she can be found reading and listening to music or watching the latest episode of One Piece as they excite and inspire her the most. She is also a food lover who especially enjoys Italian cuisines.

Her future plans include learning how to play the guitar, taking a vacation in Italy and finding the best cinnamon rolls in the world.