Customer Service and Retail Resume Samples

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Before applying for a job in retail or customer service, it's a good idea to review relevant resume samples while writing or editing your own. This is a great way to get a better idea of how your resume should look and what information to include.

Often, your resume will be the initial way a potential employer gets to know you, so take the time to make sure it properly displays your best qualities in customer service and includes past experiences and retail successes. Take the time to match your qualifications to the requirements the employer has listed in the job posting.

How to Use Resume Samples and Templates

Resume samples are a useful way to guide your own writing. A sample can help you decide what kind of content you should include, as well as how to format your resume.

Resume templates also can be very useful. They help you with the layout of your resume, such as how to organize its different sections.

While resume samples and templates are great starting points for your own resume, be sure to always tailor a resume to fit your own skills and abilities and the job you are applying for.

Tips for Writing a Customer Service and Retail Resume

  • Use keywords. Look carefully at the job listing for any keywords—important skills or qualifications—included in the listing. Try to use some of these words or terms in your own resume to make it stand out. For example, the job posting might describe the ideal candidate as "detail-oriented." Include this in your resume in a way that illustrates your attention to detail.
  • Use action words. When describing your achievements, use action words. Words like "led," "managed," "stocked," and "processed" portray your experiences in an energetic way. Check out a list of action words for useful examples.
  • Emphasize your related skills. Think about skills that are important in customer service and retail. These range from communication to interpersonal to sales skills. In your resume, include examples of times you displayed these skills. Check out a list of retail skills and a list of the top 10 soft skills for customer service in order to get additional ideas.
  • Quantify your skills. Use numbers whenever possible to quantify your successes in sales. For example, you might include how much money you managed in the past, how many customers you assisted per day or the typical size of a sale you made. Numbers are a clear way to show your successes. They easily show an employer how you might contribute to the company.
  • Emphasize any related academic experiences. If you have any schooling related to retail or sales, include it in your resume. For example, perhaps you majored in merchandising in college, took a high school class in business management, or even attended a seminar series about retail. Any of these related academic experiences are worth including on your resume.
  • Edit, edit, edit. Proofread your resume carefully before submitting it. A clean, error-free resume will make you look professional. Additionally, ask a friend or family member to proofread the resume for you.

    Customer Service and Retail Resume Examples

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