Customer Service Manager Resume Example and Writing Tips

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You’re a natural leader–the motivational team member who leads by example to inspire others to new levels of productivity. You’re a problem solver–the one they send escalated customers to, because you know exactly how to listen to their needs, respond with calmness and sensitivity, and resolve issues. And now you’re ready to take the next step in your career and assume the responsibilities of a Customer Service Manager. But how do you craft a resume that can demonstrate to an employer that you have what it takes to ascend to a management role?

What to Include in Your Resume

When you decide to step up into customer service management, your resume needs to go beyond merely listing your related job experience. Rather, it should provide several strong achievements demonstrating your success in customer service operations.

Your resume also needs to refer to the qualifications that are listed in the job advertisement to which you are applying. Mentioning industry keywords is important because many employers who are seeking new customer service managers utilize automated applicant tracking systems to rank the resumes they receive.

Those resumes that “make the cut” because they include the keywords the systems search for will be forwarded on for review by the human eye of a hiring manager. Those that do not will be swiftly eliminated from contention. To avoid not being considered, take the time to match your qualifications to the job when you're creating or updating your resume.

Use Keywords in Your Resume

The best guides to which keyword phrases an applicant tracking system will be programmed to privilege will be job advertisements for “Customer Service Manager.” Commonly searched customer service skills/keywords will generally be listed under an ad’s “Preferred Qualifications” section; a few examples include phrases like “strong customer service skills,” “active listening,” “consultative sales skills,” “conflict resolution,” “fast-paced environments,” “interpersonal skills,” and “customer care.”

Customer Service Manager Resume

Here is an example of a resume for a customer service management position. It includes a list of qualifications, skills keywords, work experience, and education. Download the customer service manager resume template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

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Customer Service Manager Resume (Text Only)

James Applicant
123 Main Street
Anytown, TX 12345
(555) 555-5555


Substantial experience and outstanding skills in customer service with seventeen years of experience, including five in management.

  • Accustomed to working in fast-paced environments with the ability to think quickly and successfully handle difficult clients.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to work well with others, in both supervisory and support staff roles.
  • Superb analytical and problem-solving skills leveraged to proactively improve customer service processes and garner stellar customer approval scores.


Oversee the installation of “The Office,” a business center offered by AlphaNet Hospitality Systems, Inc. at hotels across the country. Installation includes assembling a desk, connecting credit card readers to each component, and connecting each unit to the master. Selected Achievement:

  • Provided training to hotel staff and management in use of each component (including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), and ensured all installation contracts were signed. 


SALES MANAGER (2000 – 2014)
Managed dozens of public- and private-sector customers, supplying clients with electronic components for military, defense, and aerospace projects. Coordinated the administration of product orders, understood customer needs and guaranteed delivery of company's commitment.


UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Certificate: General Communications Electronic Technician (GCT1)