DataPlus+ Work-at-Home Jobs

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If you are interested in a work-at-home job, it is wise to consider employment with a data processing company. Often these types of jobs can provide reliable hourly work for both database programmers and entry-level personnel.

DataPlus+ is a company that provides data entry services, database programming, and business processing that supports businesses. This professional workforce lies in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and hires an array of database programmers and data entry personnel.

DataPlus+ Work-at-Home Jobs

There are many types of work-at-home jobs that include data entry responsibilities. Much of the online data entry that people do from home is not traditional data entry. Rather, it involves micro jobs where participants are paid small amounts of money to perform small tasks. However, DataPlus+ is much more of a traditional data entry company. In fact, it hires data entry clerks, MS Access database programmers, mail/document handling clerks, and administrative personnel in its online and in-house operations. 

A DataPlus+ Work-at-Home Job Profile

The Georgia-based data outsourcing firm, DataPlus+, was founded in 1992. Today, it hires independent contractors to perform much of its data entry work, many of whom work from home. The company specializes in document scanning, document management, MS Access database programming, and business processes. Its contractors often perform these jobs off-site and from home, making the company one of a relatively small number of legitimate work-at-home data entry companies in an industry littered with so many data entry scams.

This company also specializes in inputting paper data into electronic form. For example, this type of work could include inputting data from hand-written originals, typed copy, online sources, or scanned images. In fact, the types of data entry projects performed include inputting warranty cards, membership applications, vehicle accident reports, and law enforcement reports. There is even some data entry that involves double key verification, where data entry is done twice by two different clerks.  

Qualifications and Requirements

Data entry workers must provide and maintain their own computer, software, and a high-speed Internet connection. A criminal background check is part of the application process as well. Typically, work-at-home-data entry operators are paid as independent contractors on a per piece basis. This means that the speed at which you can type will directly affect how much money you can make. 

Applying to DataPlus+

To apply at DataPlus+, simply visit the company's employment page and upload the required information. No applications are taken by phone or email. If your information meets the company's needs, you will be contacted.

There have been case studies from impressive clients and projects surrounding kids club applications, background data, and police accidents. Working for this company involves providing excellent data entry services, following set processes, and handling long-term accounts that allow you to develop a strong relationship together. Plus, you'll be able to contribute to important trusted elements like accuracy, security, and sensitive financial information.

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