10 Ways to Earn Money During the Holidays

A side job might not be practical, but some work can be done on your time

10 Ways to Make Holiday Cash from Home

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We can all use a little extra cash during the holiday season, and fortunately, during this time there are more opportunities to earn. These 10 home-based jobs or businesses can be a great way to pick up some extra holiday cash and build up that holiday nest egg.

Keep in mind, though, that most of these ideas will need to be started and/or planned months in advance. (The same is true of these holiday call center jobs.) But if you are reading for this in November or December, it may not be too late, and at the very least you can start sowing the seeds to start a holiday business next year.

Work as an Assistant (Virtual or Otherwise)

Earn Money from Home During the Holidays

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People are so busy during at this time of year--and there is so much more to do--that they will outsource some tasks like running errands, shopping or gift wrapping. One way to find the folks willing to pay for these services is to network with friends and relatives both on social media and in person.

This and many of the following ideas rely on networking as a way to find clients. If you're interested in becoming a virtual assistant, ask friends and family if they are interested in the services you are offering or know of others who would be. 

Another route is to become a virtual assistant for companies that provide these services to individuals. To find both virtual and non-virtual tasks, try signing up for short tasks at these short task sites like TaskRabbit.

Crowdsourcing, Micro Jobs

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Along the same line as short tasks but fully online are micro jobs. If you only have small bits of time (so often the case during the holidays!) to earn money, this might be the thing for you. Micro job sites like Amazon's Mechanical Turk allow people to earn money by doing discrete tasks, similar to home data entry jobs. Each task could take as little as a few minutes and typically only pays a small amount. But they can add up to enough to help you pay for some gifts. Keep in mind, though, that many of these sites have a minimum threshold for payment (often around $50) so you will have to keep at it in order to move that money into your account.

You can even do this kind of work while on the go using your cell phone, which is convenient because during the holiday season we spend a lot of time out and about. These 11 money-making apps can help you earn cash while shopping or traveling. To be sure you don't lose money (or time) on them, read these pitfalls first.

Holiday Decorating

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People hire holiday decorators not just because they don't have the time to do it themselves but because they want a better, more professional look. Talent and experience in floral design or interior decorating is helpful in starting a holiday decorating business.

However, what will really persuade potential clients to hire you is a stellar portfolio of your work. Take quality photos of any holiday decorating you do, whether you're paid for it or not. Create a showcase book to bring to clients and/or a website.

Take in Paying Guests

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Capitalize on all the holiday travel that goes on this time of year by engaging in home share through a company like Airbnb. Rent out a room in your house or an apartment or even your whole house and make money with your home. Here's what you need to know about getting started with Airbnb. 

Sell Arts and Crafts

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If you're a crafter with homemade items accumulating, the holiday season is the time to sell them. People are in the market for crafts as gifts. During this time of year, what really sells are decorations. So use your crafting talents to create holiday-themed items, such as ornaments and decorations, and sell them at holiday bazaars and festivals. But don't wait too long to get started; creating an inventory takes time plus booth spaces at crafts fairs may fill up early. 

Call Center Jobs

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If you're not the home business type and you'd just prefer to have an extra paycheck during the holiday season, a home call center job may be the way to go. Many home call center jobs hire agents for holiday seasonal jobs starting in August and September. Check out this list of companies that hire holiday seasonal jobs in home call centers and read about virtual call center job requirements and qualifications.


Ebay business
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For much of the country, the weather during the holiday season isn't good enough for yard sales; so have an online one on eBay. Maybe being an online seller is the long-term home business for you, or maybe it's a way to pick up some cash during the holiday season. 

Pet/House Sitting

Pet Sitting

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While moving into someone else's house during the holiday season to house sit is not practical for everyone, many holiday travelers don't need full-time coverage for their home. They may simply wish to hire someone to stop by to check on the house daily, pick up the mail, turn on the lights or care for low-maintenance pets like cats and fish. Again, people are willing to pay for conveniences this time of year.

Child Care

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Babysitting is not just for teenagers. In fact, new parents and families with infants often prefer to have an adult and/or parent watch their children. With so many holiday parties and events, these parents are often looking for childcare help. Also, with schools closed during the holiday season, many parents need child care during Christmas break. Your child’s school or playgroup is a good place to network and offer your child care services.