Eddie Miller and Boris Tsibelman Biography

As CEO of eCANN, Eddie Miller sets the company’s strategic direction and identifies and capitalizes on new opportunities in the legal cannabis sector, the fastest-growing industry in the US, according to ArcView Group research.

A successful entrepreneur since high school in partnership with eCANN CTO Boris Tsibelman, Eddie leads the creation of brands and go-to-market strategy across multiple sectors, overseeing the delivery of marketing, analytics and operational solutions to eCANN partners. A serial entrepreneur who operates more than 17,000 domains under WeSell.com in conjunction with Boris, Eddie is based in New York City.

Eddie Miller and Boris Tsibelman were successful entrepreneurs before they even graduated from high school. They launched their first venture called Promtime.com in 1999 after observing the amount of obsession (and dollars) that were poured into proms every year by teens and their parents.

Promtime started as a simple site where high school students and their parents could access information about proms and it completely took off. This venture set the stage for the rest of their lives. Ever since that fateful day 16 years ago, Miller and Tsibelman have continued to build breakout Internet companies.

The success of Promtime inspired the duo to purchase NewYearsEve.com. At the time, Miller was 21 and Tsibelman was 18, and they built NewYearsEve.com up to a multimillion-dollar annual run rate with over 1,000 events per sale. With two big wins under their belt, they launched Pubcrawls.com, which ended up becoming their biggest success to date. Today, it involves 300,000 annual customers across 52 cities in the U.S.

At this point, Miller and Tsilbelman had nailed the formula for Internet events sites down to a science. They created an parent company called WeSell.com that consolidated all of these ventures under one umbrella.

They have forged their careers on their ability to identify and capitalize on high-potential opportunities online before anyone else. Today, they are channeling that talent towards the massively lucrative, but largely untapped, cannabis industry.

As the regulations surrounding cannabis shifted in California, hundreds, if not thousands, of dispensaries set up shops, complete with tax ID numbers and business permits. The value of commercial real estate properties in “green zones” skyrocketed. Untold amounts of money were flowing into the industry, with untold more to be made.

The partners conducted exhaustive research and realized that huge gaps existed across the cannabis industry for digital tools and services. They bought eCannabis.com with the goal of turning it into the world’s greatest marijuana resource and hub. 

Their goal is to help these cannabis businesses create a digital presence and thrive by implementing cutting edge marketing practices, analytics, and operational tools.

In addition, by serving as the connector between manufacturers to wholesalers, wholesalers to retailers, and retailers to consumers, eCANN is on track to become the cannabis industry’s hub for all consumer and commercial interaction.

You can reach Eddie Miller and Boris Tsibelman through their website:  InvestinCannabis.com.

Or you can reach Eddie Miller at em@wesell.com.  Boris Tsibelman is available at: b@wesell.com.

By Eddie Miller

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