Easy Ways to Influence a Potential Employer With a Thank-You Letter

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You've done all you could to prepare for the most commonly asked interview questions, but you need to make a lasting impression even after you leave the potential employer. It's always great to write a good thank-you note after an interview, but you should also consider sending a letter that will help influence the hiring manager to choose you for the job, henceforth called an "influence letter".

It's hard to know how to move on from job rejection, but confront any doubts you think might have been raised during the interview and stress the ways in which you've performed in the past and how you can successfully fill this employer's position.

Additionally, if you think any extra persuasion is necessary post-interview, an influence letter highlighting your qualifications and skills will carry much more weight than a simple thank you letter. Here's an example of an influence letter sent by email.

Influence Letter Example

Subject Line: Sales Representative Position

Dear Mr. Williamson,

It was a pleasure meeting you last week and discussing the sales representative position at XYZ Financial Company. Thank you for introducing me to Mr. James and Mr. White, with whom I would be working.

I am glad I had the opportunity to explain to you my exemplary sales record, which I believe would make me an asset on your team. I realize you expressed that the ideal candidate for the position should be experienced in team sales; while most of my experience has been as an individual salesman, I thrive in collaborative settings. As a sales representative at ABC Company, I met weekly with the other 20 sales representatives to collaboratively develop sales strategies and troubleshoot various sales issues. I flourish in this collective setting and would love the opportunity to bring my passion for teamwork to your company.

I also have a history of developing and maintaining long-lasting relationships with both clients and colleagues. At ABC Company, I maintained more than 75 percent of my clients for my entire tenure as a sales representative. I'm confident that my ability to develop strong relationships will also make me a strong team salesman.

I hope this illustration of my collaborative skills will instill confidence that I am the ideal candidate for the sales position. Thank you again for taking the time to speak with me and if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you about this position.

Best regards,

[First Name Last Name]

Influence Letter Example After Job Rejection

You can send a standard follow-up email after a job rejection, but it's even better to send a strong influence letter if you've been rejected for a position. This letter would address whatever issues the interviewer noted when he turned you down for the job. For example, maybe you lacked experience or didn't have a certain set of skills.

Communicate to the employer that you're not afraid of challenges and can step up to the plate if given another chance. While one influence letter probably won't win you the job, it will tell the employer that you are confident and persistent: two traits that are sure to impress and may keep you on a short list for future job openings.

Influence Letter After Reject Example

Subject Line: Marketing Assistant Position

Dear Ms. Snow,

Thank you so much for taking the time to inform me that you have hired another candidate for the Marketing Assistant position with IceBreakers Inc. While I am, of course, disappointed that I was not selected for this role, I am very grateful that you took the time to interview me twice.

It was good to learn that you chose your new Marketing Assistant because they had slightly more experience than I did and possessed a greater knowledge of how to create original graphic designs on the multiple Adobe Creative Cloud platforms (Adobe InDesign and Illustrator). Realizing my limitations in the use of this software, I’ve just enrolled in a certification course at Valley View Community College so that I will soon be able to add digital design skills to my professional toolbelt. I know that this training will significantly extend my effectiveness in social media management, public relations, and marketing communications!

Again, thanks for making our interviews so collegial and informative. I was truly impressed by IceBreakers’ office culture, and I would be grateful if you would consider me for future appropriate positions that may open with your company.

Best regards,

[First Name Last Name]