Emjae Johnson

Emjae Johnson, a woman in sales for over 25 years, has creatively developed unique techniques for increasing sales that aid both the independent sales person and the business owner. Her focus is to take the pressure out of the sale for both the customer and the salesperson through developing a relationship based on trust, knowledge and the confidence that the salesperson is expert in their field.


Emjae began her sales career with a small wholesale/retail food business located in the Chicago land area. She has managed and trained salespeople for retail, business to business and telephone sales. She has been recognized and has received various awards for both high achievement in sales and also for high customer satisfaction.

Additionally,she has written and developed successful telephone sales scripts, direct mail programs, sales promotional material, as well as an abundance of sales training material.She is self taught and her creativity blended with her experience has gained her the knowledge and the opportunity to develop new techniques in sales that she can call her own.