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List of Resources for Administering Employee Benefits and Payroll Taxes

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Benefits administrators are often tasked with calculating payroll taxes for employees in their organizations. Therefore, having access to the most up-to-date payroll tax information, payroll tax calculators, and other resources is vital to success in this role. For this reason, we have decided to compile a central place where one can find this information from leading sources. Use the below resources to better manage employee benefits administration and payroll at your organization.

US Payroll Tax Guidelines

The starting point for many employee benefit and payroll administrators is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), which houses all the information, forms, calendars and tools to correctly calculate income taxes for employees. There is a special section for self-employed individuals too. Learn about the different types of taxes a business needs to process, how to make deposits, and how to report federal income tax, Medicare and Social Security taxes, and Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA). Benefit administrators may also visit the Healthcare.gov website for important information pertaining to health care reform and ACA requirements for affected businesses.

State Payroll Tax Information Resources

Complying with state payroll taxes and benefit laws is something that administrators deal with continually. Several major payroll companies have taken the time to create directories that support the administration of state payroll taxes. One of our favorites is provided by ADP, which gives payroll administrators a searchable listing of all the state payroll tax percentages and deadlines for the current and last year’s tax year. Intuit’s QuickBooks Payroll website also lists an interactive US map that includes the most up-to-date state tax laws, as well as other resources such as federal and Social Security information, forms, and support for small businesses.

Employer Payroll Tax Calculators

While many payroll software products contain built-in payroll calculators for employers, there are times when a benefits and payroll administrator will need to calculate a single employee’s deductions. This can happen during an audit or when there is an error found. Some of the best payroll tax calculators available online include SurePayroll, which offers several free calculators, and Web Info Central to calculate the complex taxes for New York City.

You will also want to check out the About.com Tax Expert page for more information on how to calculate and manage payroll taxes.

Payroll Tax Glossaries

Understanding the definitions and meanings behind all of the most used phrases and words used in the employee benefits and payroll tax accounting market is critical. Therefore, it’s good to have quick access to the leading payroll tax glossaries online. Here are some of our favorites:

Internal Revenue Service – The IRS provides a free and comprehensive payroll tax glossary and information on all the tax forms you could ever need.

Payroll Taxes (Symmetry Software)  This is a master library of common and advanced payroll tax terms that explains many complex ideas in an easy-to-search format. It also has a nice library of article pertaining to tax topics, and links to state and government forms.

Salary Survey Data

Staying abreast of current salary ranges, merit matrixes, and compensation news is part of the responsibility for every comp manager. Therefore, having access to real-time salary survey data is vital to this effort. PayScale.com offers free salary surveys and wage data, gathered from thousands of employers and directly from salaries shared by employees. Free reports and white papers also help payroll managers stay current on what’s trending in this market.

Payroll Tax Classes and Certification

Being a well-trained compensation administrator requires ongoing learning as tax laws change. From compensation webinars and seminars to actual online and in-person payroll tax classes, there are a variety of ways that tax pros can remain educated. Some payroll tax classes also offer certification and continuing education credits. The American Payroll Association maintains a listing of courses and conferences for payroll and tax professionals.