Learn About Equine Internship Opportunities

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There are many internship options available for those seeking to gain experience in the equine industry. Here is a sampling of what the industry has to offer:

Equine Publishing

American Horse Publishing (AHP) internship for college students interested in equine publishing through their 400 member publishing network across the United States. College credit, small stipends, or hourly wages are available depending on which AHP publication is hiring and the nature of the position.​

The American Quarter Horse Association (in Texas) offers 3-month paid marketing and communications internships. AQHA interns write press releases, coordinate events, work on advertisements, and market products.

The Paint Horse Journal (in Texas) offers an internship to college juniors or seniors interested in publications and editorial career options. Interns are responsible for writing and editing articles, taking photographs, and covering major breed events. Compensation is $1,200 per month. They also offer various marketing and graphic design internships from time to time.

The Chronicle of the Horse magazine (in Virginia) offers an editorial internship for a student interested in equine publishing and journalism. Internships are unpaid but academic credit is possible.

Equine Veterinary Care & Rehabilitation

The Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center (KESMARC) offers a series of three to twelve-month internships which expose students to equine rehabilitation, equine veterinary medicine, and hands-on equine care and treatment. Housing is provided on site.

Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue (in Maryland) offers an internship program for students interested in animal rescue. Interns work with horses seized by animal control agencies and also have the opportunity to assist with these seizures as well as veterinary care and rehabilitation efforts. Interns are paid a small $75 per week stipend, but housing is provided.

Many equine veterinary clinics offer internships for newly graduated veterinarians, and some also offer intern opportunities for veterinary technicians or assistants. You can search for opportunities at the American Association of Equine Practitioners website.

Equine Management

The Godolphin Flying Start program offers students the opportunity to work with Thoroughbreds in a comprehensive internship that covers breeding, racing, training, riding, marketing, bloodstock, veterinary care, and more. The two-year program takes twelve students to major farms in Ireland, England, Australia, Dubai, and Kentucky. Students receive a stipend, housing, transportation, and health insurance.

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship gives students the opportunity to work on a major Kentucky Thoroughbred horse farm while learning all aspects of the business. Students work six-day weeks beside the top stallion managers, broodmare managers, farm managers, and grooms in the industry. The spring session (January-June) covers the breeding season, and the fall session (July-December) covers yearlings and performance. Interns pay a fee for the course but earn an hourly wage, and housing may be available at no cost on the farm.

The Equine Reproduction Laboratory at Colorado State University offers a one-year equine breeding farm internship to recent graduates in equine science, animal science, or a related area. The CSU internship covers stallion handling, artificial insemination, embryo transfer, foaling, and more. Salary and on-site farm housing are provided.

Al-Marah Arabians (in Arizona) offers an apprenticeship program that lasts for a two-year period. Students work with over 250 Arabian horses during the course of their internship, which covers all aspects of equine care, breeding, and training. Students earn minimum wage and live on the farm while completing the program.

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) offers internships to those interested in animal nutrition research involving horses. Both 3-month summer and year-long opportunities are available. Applicants must have completed at least two years of college in an animal or veterinary science related degree and have basic equine experience.

The Miner Institute Summer Experience in Equine Management (in New York) is a comprehensive 13-week equine internship that covers training, riding, breeding, and research using the farm’s Morgan horses. Students receive a $2,700 stipend plus free housing and meals. College credit is available.

The Farm at Prophetstown (in Indiana) offers a Draft Horse Management Internship. The internship sessions cover reproduction (February to June), farming (April to September), or shows and sales (July to October). Interns pay a fee for the course but are compensated with an hourly wage, free housing, and farm products such as meat, eggs, produce, and milk.

Other Opportunities

It is also important to note that many major pharmaceutical companies, feed distributors, publications, and breed organizations may offer unadvertised internships. If there is a company you are interested in working for it would be wise to send them a cover letter and resume while asking if any internships are available.