Facebook Career and Employment Information

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Facebook is one of those companies where almost everyone would love to work. It’s at the forefront of innovation in the technology sector that connects people with each other and the vast information on the web. Facebook career and employment information follows, including how to search for Facebook jobs, how to apply for Facebook jobs, company benefits, and information on the Facebook hiring process.

Facebook Company Profile

Facebook endeavors to attract top talent by creating a culture that supports creativity and self-directed productivity. The company famously provides meals for employees, dry cleaning, free transportation, a full-service gym, employee parties and unlimited snacks as part of an effort to cultivate an atmosphere of fun. Facebook is ranked as a top company to work for on many lists of best companies.

Facebook was founded in 2004, and rapidly expanded its social networking service from Harvard University to other Boston area colleges and universities, the Ivy League, and Stanford University. By 2006, Facebook was available to anyone over the age of 13 with an email address. In 2017, there are 1.3 billion daily users, and over 2 billion users who log in monthly.

There are over 20,000 employees at Facebook in many careers such as Advertising Technology, Business Development and Partnerships, Communications and Public Policy, Data and Analytics, Design and User Experience, Enterprise Engineering, Infrastructure, Legal, Finance, Facilities and Administration, People and Recruiting, Sales and Marketing, and Technical Program Management.

Facebook Job Listings

You can search for job opportunities by keyword at over 50 locations worldwide. You can also browse jobs in Facebook office locations by clicking on a handy map, or check out jobs listed by type of team. Click on an appealing opportunity from your list of search results, and you will find a complete description of the position and a list of educational and experience requirements.

Click the "Apply Now" button on the bottom of the job description, and you will be directed to upload your resume and complete an online application.

Internships and Entry Level Opportunities

There is a special section on the career site for students and recent graduates. Rising sophomores from underrepresented communities can apply for a hands-on, immersive, 8-week internship opportunity known as Facebook University. Programs are available focusing on Engineering, Analytics, Product Design, Operations, and Global Marketing Solutions.

Ranked #1 by Glassdoor, Facebook’s internship program offers world-class mentors, an open culture, and the opportunity for making a real impact. Internships in engineering, tech, and design are available in many fields, and in several US cities as well as locations abroad. Business internships focusing on analytics, human resources, marketing and more are also available in a variety of locales.

College graduates can explore entry-level career opportunities and apply online for positions in either business or engineering, tech, and design.

Interview and Application Tips

Facebook looks for high impact employees who are bold enough to take risks and navigate uncharted arenas. Prepare for interviews by identifying how you have made a difference in various jobs and roles that you have occupied. Be ready to reference specific examples of innovation, creativity and thinking outside the box.  

The company looks for problem solvers, and may ask you to reflect on challenges that you met and what you learned from the experience. Recruiters will be looking for evidence that you strive for self-improvement. Engineering candidates will be presented with coding problems and asked how they would approach solutions. Be prepared to think on your feet and provide a rationale for your strategies.

Facebook receives an abundance of applications from highly qualified candidates. Applicants who network with Facebook employees and recruiters through LinkedIn and college alumni networks can gain referrals that will enhance the visibility of your candidacy. Facebook is an equal opportunity employer and prides itself on the diversity of its employees.

Just remember, this is Facebook, and they do mention that they may access the publicly available information on your Facebook profile during your application process. When you click "Apply Now" the application pulls the information you have in your Facebook profile, or you can upload a resume from your computer.

Employee Benefits

When outlining benefits, Facebook has chosen to focus on seven key areas: Health, Family, Community, Growth, Finance, Convenience, and Time Away.

Their comprehensive benefits package is very generous and includes full health, dental and vision coverage, paid maternity/paternity leave, financial support for adoption and childcare, continuing education, paid vacation time, and stock options.