Fantasy Sports, Real Job Opportunities

Industry Growth Strong, Leading to Job Creation

Fantasy Football - Draft Day
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The explosion in fantasy sports participation has added various sports career opportunities.

Fantasy sports allow fans to compete with one another based on the outcome of actual sporting events. Typically fans join a league in which they draft players from sports like baseball or football. The success of their team is based on the success of the players on their fantasy roster in the actual sporting events.

Fantasy football leagues use National Football League players. Baseball leagues use players in the major leagues. There also are fantasy leagues in hockey, basketball, and individual sports like auto racing and golf. Every sport either has a fantasy version for its fans, or someone is working on it.

The good news sports career individuals are this explosion has created job opportunities.

Jobs in Fantasy Sports

Typically fantasy sports jobs involve starting an Internet site or working for an Internet site that offers fantasy sports. Some of the fantasy sports leaders include,,, and, just to name a few.

Also, many of the various professional sports’ sites, like, offer fantasy information and leagues.

Many of these sites offer leagues free services that include compiling stats and keeping track of standings. These sites also typically offer more extensive statistical services to leagues that pay an annual fee.

Jobs needed by these sites include writers, editors, programmers, and website designers.

Because fantasy players want the latest news on specific players and trends, the sites typically employ writers who are experts in one or more fantasy sports. These writers will offer draft tips before the season, keep players updated on roster moves and potential changes in the real-life versions of the sports, and offer advice for succeeding on the fantasy side.

Site editors will check for accuracy of the statistical information that arrives each day, fact-check articles, write site headlines, and select pictures for the site.

Programmers and site designers will develop ideas to efficiently load the needed statistical information into a site in an attractive manner. Fantasy sites have come a long way in recent years, typically offering real-time scoring, scoring tailored to each league, and a variety of scheduling and team options. Participants expect a first-rate presentation and accurate statistics.

Other Fantasy Jobs

Because fantasy baseball and football have become so popular, there typically are preview magazines devoted specifically to fantasy players.

These magazines need writers, editors, and photographers. Many of these publications, like Sporting News, also have an Internet site. They may call on this staff to provide content for the print preview.

ESPN features several fantasy sports experts who provide analysis in its various television, radio, print, and Internet outlets.


If you are interested in writing or editing a fantasy site, you should prepare to be a sports writer. A track record of fantasy analysis, or actual participation in the sport involved as a player, coach, or scout also could open doors. If you are already writing sports, many of these sites offer opportunities to write on a volunteer basis or part-time basis. This could work well with your full-time job while allowing a chance to gain experience and show off your expertise on your way to securing a top position.

These sites also offer internship positions in the various positions.

Daily Fantasy Boom

Also, there are career opportunities in the booming daily fantasy industry. At this writing, the industry is under scrutiny for being considered a gambling business. That will be a story to watch going forward as that sector of fantasy blossoms or withers based on its legality.


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