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Interested in finding your perfect career? Whether you are just starting out in the workforce or considering a career change, it can be hard to figure out what is the best job for you. Sokanu is a free platform you can use to assess your interests, personality type, abilities, values, and preferred work environment in order to find matches which will lead to satisfying careers.

The creators have devised a comprehensive approach to career assessment by factoring in all the key dimensions of identity - personality, roles, interests, work, social activities, and more. The assessment questions are well-designed and concrete making it easy for users to click through the quiz.

Get Started

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Getting Started

You can either sign-in to Sokanu with your Facebook account or register to create an account. In addition to the website, there's a mobile version of Sokanu.

Discover Your Career Options

Once you have registered, you start by answering questions on the Discover Page (which is powered by the Career Genome Project) to learn what makes you unique and to get suggestions for what could be your perfect career.

You will get a short list of the top careers to consider after completing the questionnaire. Then you're prompted to continue answering questions for a more complete evaluation.

The quiz is quick and simple to complete. It takes 20 - 30 minutes and you can finish it at your own pace. Respond to each question by clicking on the answer which describes you the best. You won't have to think too hard about your responses. In fact, one of the choices for some questions is to say that you're not interested.

Review Potential Matches

Once you have answered the questions, Sokanu will suggest career options for you. Click on each option to see why Sokanu suggested it as a match and to learn more about each career. You'll find detailed information on the job.

For example, one of the jobs that was suggested for me was Human Resources (HR) Manager. Sokanu gave me an overview of how I matched the job. Then I could review what a Human Resources Manager does, the education I need for a career in Human Resources, what the workplace is like and what the future hiring projections are. It was a good match because I was an HR Manager is an earlier stage of my career, and I loved the job.

Want more options? When you'd like to see more career choices, click on "See more matches" to get a longer list of jobs, ranked according to how you scored as a match. The format of the output makes it easy to see which aspects of the matched fields corresponded most closely to the user's profile.

Explore More Career Choices

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Do you need more ideas? When you need ideas and suggestions for what work would be a good fit, you can review general categories to find jobs within in each category. In addition to the matching function, users can also browse the following clusters, which include 700+ job options, to see how closely those occupations matched their profile.

This feature adds to the validity of the tool since it provides the user with another mechanism to generate options for exploration to supplement the system's matching algorithms. Scroll down the main careers page to find the list on the left.

Here's a list of categories to choose from:

  • Animals
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Beauty & Style
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Computers & Technology
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Food & Drink
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Home & Garden
  • Journalism & Writing
  • Law
  • Military
  • Music
  • Politics & Law
  • Science
  • Services
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Trades
  • Travel

In addition to reviewing career options by category, you can also search or look through the alphabetical list of career information listed by job. You can also search for jobs based on required level of education, degrees the jobs is related to, and salary.

What Can You Do With Your Degree?

If you're considering what you should major in at college or you're not sure what you can do with the degree you have, use Sokanu's degree section to get insight and data listed by major. There's salary information, employment potential, and job options for over 200 majors.

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