8 Places to Find Work-at-Home Captioning Jobs

Find freelance closed captioning jobs you can do from home

Captioning is a specialized form of transcription. Successfully applying for a captioning job requires speed, accuracy, experience, and often court reporting certification.

Before you apply, take a typing test and make sure you have the required skills for the work. If you aren't experienced enough for freelance captioning, you may still be able to look for other transcription jobs or find work from more than 200 companies that hire home-based workers.

If you do have the necessary speed and experience for a closed captioning job, you can find work through one of these eight companies.

Aberdeen Broadcast Services

This firm provides captioning, transcription and translation services to its clients, primarily Christian-based programming. Many of the company's jobs for real-time captioners work at home as well as in its office. Real-time captioning pays requires a speed of 180-220 words per minute and pays up $75 per hour.

VITAC (Caption Colorado)

The company, which includes the formerly-separate captioning service Caption Colorado, offers live, offline, and foreign-language captioning. Many of its available captioning jobs are work-at-home. Required experience includes real-time steno skills and 225 wpm or better speed. All new hires receive paid training at the start of employment. 

Caption Max

Caption Max provides closed captioning for both live events and prerecorded media. The company hires realtime captioners to work from home. Most jobs require NCRA certification as a Certified Broadcast Captioner and a two-year degree.

Caption Media Group

Caption Media Group hires experienced remote captioners for both subtitling and closed captioning jobs. The company offers services in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Freelance captioning jobs are posted on job boards rather than directly to the company website.

ASC Services (formerly Morningside Partners)

This company does not strictly do captioning, but the work is similar. It hires skilled transcriptionists to produce verbatim transcripts of political, broadcast, financial and general business audio/video. At-home transcribers must have at least three years of experience and work for its clients which include CNN, FOX, and MSNBC.


Rev hires freelance transcriptionists for a variety of work, including closed captioning for video. It works with clients such as the Khan Academy and other media groups that produce online content. Freelance captioning jobs pay $0.45-$0.75 per audio/video minute. Applying for a job as a closed captioner includes taking an English language test and providing a captioning sample. Freelancers who are approved can register on the website and start accepting work within 48 hours.

Talking Type

Based in Bethesda, MD, Talking Type Captions hires realtime and offline captioners for clients that include A&E, The History Channel, and more. Open jobs are not listed on its website; freelancers will need to email a resume and cover letter to inquire about available positions. 

Daily Transcription

In addition to standard transcription jobs, Daily Transcription also hires freelance captioners and subtitlers. Applicants must have previous experience, be at least 18 years old, and have their own captioning software. Captioners must also take a skills test before being hired, which requires signing a non-disclosure agreement. Freelance captioning jobs pay $0.75 -$0.85 per audio minute.

Other Jobs Like Freelance Captioning

If closed captioning jobs aren't the right fit for you, there are many other typing jobs that you can do from home such as transcription or data entry. If you have typing experience and a working computer, you can find home-based work in a variety of places.