8 Places to Find Captioning Jobs From Home

Captioning is a very specialized form of transcription. It takes speed, accuracy, experience and often court reporting certification to transition from general transcription to captioning. To see if you are ready to make this move read more about the types of captioning and the skills needed in this profile: Work at Home in Captioning.

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Aberdeen Captioning

This firm provides captioning, transcription and translation services to its clients. Many of the jobs are in its Orange County, CA offices. However it real-time captioners to work at home as well as in its office. Real time captioning pays $75/hour.


ASC Services (formerly Morningside Partners)

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This company does not actually do captioning, but the work is quite similar. It hires highly skilled transcriptionists to produce verbatim transcripts of political, broadcast, financial and general business audio/video. At-home transcribers work for its clients which include CNN, FOX and MSNBC.

Caption Colorado

Denver-based company offers closed captioning work-at-home jobs transcribing newscasts for its TV station clients. Requirements include court reporting school education;  225 wpm or better speed (stenotype or voice-writing); 98.5% accuracy; general news and culture knowledge; previous training on CAT software. Applicant must provide their own notebook computer, steno machine (if steno writer), CAT software, Internet service and two phones and be able to work nights and weekends. Some training will be given but experience is required.

Caption Max

This company hires realtime captioners to work from home. NCRA certification as a Certified Broadcast Captioner  and two-year degree required. Captions are needed for both  live and prerecorded video. 

Caption Media Group

 Though this company does not have a careers page on its website, it does hire experienced remote captioners. To find jobs at this company use jobs search engines.

Rev.com (Zencaptions)

Rev mostly hires freelance transcriptionists for a variety of work. Its video-captioning service, Zencaptions, produces captions for web content such as the Khan Academy. As captioning goes, it pays very low at $.60/video minute. It may be a good place for those who are new to captioning to learn to sync captions with video.

Talking Type

Based in Bethesda, MD, this company hires realtime and offline captioners. Open positions are not listed on its website, so email the company a resume for consideration.


Most of VITAC’s captioners (realtime or offline) work in-house in its Pittsburgh office. However, after two years in-house many realtime captioners can transition to work remotely. As to whether it directly hires captioners to work from home it says, " You've got to be good, and you've got to be trained in captioning. Approximately 99 percent of all captioner applicants want to work remotely. So, among hundreds of students and working reporters trying to land remote captioning jobs, you have to be a stand-out."

All captioners are employees, not independent contractors, and both its in-house and remote jobs offer employees benefits.


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