Finding a Research Internship at IBM

A Variety of Opportunities Exist

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Joining the IBM research team offers endless opportunities to learn about ways you can help become involved in the science, technology, and business of the future. IBM researchers participate in a wide range of research projects to help clients, governments, and universities apply scientific knowledge to solve the challenges of society and the real-world business of today.

Research Internships

The T.J. Watson Research Lab provides students with exposure to all areas of programming languages and software engineering, including:

  • Programming models and their implementation for concurrency, distribution, cloud, and heterogeneous systems (FGPA, GPU, etc.)
  • Tools and techniques for software security, quality, and performance
  • Metrics-driven approaches to software development
  • Collaborative and social issues in software development
  • Flexible modeling
  • Human-computer interaction and usability of software engineering tools

The summer internship program at the T.J. Watson Research Lab provides talented students with hands-on experience working in a highly competitive research environment at IBM. Many interns who have participated in the internship have gone on to author papers or write their thesis, and some have even contributed to the creation of IBM products.


  • Students will gain hands-on experience that can result in a paper submission at an international conference.
  • Students will learn to identify “good problems” on which to write a paper or do a thesis.
  • Students will get a feeling of what it’s like working in a challenging research lab assignment for IBM to see if they'd like to be considered for a future full-time job.
  • Students can begin to build a professional network of individuals currently working in the research field at one of the most highly known companies in the world.
  • Students will have the ability to attend training seminars to learn more about the field.
  • Students will have an opportunity to live and work in the New York metro area.
  • Students will be eligible to receive IBM Awards and Recognition Programs.
  • IBM Research Interns are paid a competitive salary for their work.

Research Internship for Black, Hispanic, and Native American Students

In addition to the other Research Internships that IBM sponsors, they also offer a 10-week Research Internship Program for under-represented minorities. By offering these opportunities to under-represented minorities, IBM hopes to involve more students to seek graduate studies in science and engineering. Students from underrepresented minorities get a chance to work for 10 weeks alongside an IBM mentor in San Jose, CA. IBM offers assistance in finding and paying for housing.


To be eligible a student must be a member of an under-represented minority and a sophomore or junior at a US college or university. They must be majoring in chemistry, physics, materials or computer science, engineering, chemical, electrical, mechanical engineering, or biology if there is an emphasis on one of these areas listed.

Further, students must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. There is no citizenship restriction.

To Apply

Apply by submitting an online application through the IBM server. Students are required to submit two letters of recommendation (please see the website for specifications). Also, they must submit an official transcript.