Finding Online Work

Internet Money
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Finding the right online work-at-home job for you means taking a good look at your marketable skills. There are no magical online job opportunities that will pay well no matter your skills. Those are work-at-home scams. With online work (as with any other job), the more experience you have, the better you will be paid.

Skills and Credentials

At first, finding an online work-at-home job might be intimidating, especially if your previous work experience doesn't seem directly relevant. The trick is to look at how the experience and education you already have will translate into the virtual workplace to different types of positions. Sure, there are plenty of opportunities to pick up extra cash working online, but if you want to earn a decent wage, you’ll need to build off the skills you already have.

Nursing is a good example. The patient care aspect of nursing is obviously not something that could be done from home, yet there are still many work-at-home nursing jobs in telephone triage, case management, or other related fields like online teaching. Of course, nursing jobs require very specific skills and credentials.

Other online work-at-home jobs, like virtual call centers, may require very little in the way of credentials but instead demand that you prove your reliability and work ethic. Previous employment in retail, a field that also requires sales and customer service skills, can help you get one of these jobs.

Good writing skills are absolutely essential when trying to turn real-world work experience into online work. If you can write clearly about your field, you can likely find someone willing to pay you for it. But even if a career as a writer is not for you, improving your writing skills is still a good idea. Almost any kind of online work requires written communication. Read more about how to write effective emails.


If you have experience in any of the following fields, click on the links to find opportunities to for online work:

  • Accounting - Experience is required, but the kind of experience needed ranges from bookkeeping and payroll experience to being certified as a CPA.
  • Customer Service - Many home call center companies require some prior call center experience, but some will accept retail experience and a few require no experience at all.
  • Data Entry - Online tests typically are often used to evaluate typing and data entry skills, but very little experience is required for data entry work. However, the pay is 
  • Writing - Opportunities include self-publishing, which requires very little experience and pays based on traffic to your articles, as well as jobs that require published writing samples before consideration.
  • Teaching - Most online teaching jobs require a bachelor’s degree at minimum. Many require advanced degrees. However, a few opportunities for adult ed online courses only require expertise in a given field.
  • Languages and Translation - Proficiency tests in languages are usually given. Previous translation experience is often required, and very often a college degree is needed.