Occasions That Require Press Kits

Press Kit
••• Paul Suggett

Press kits can give you thousands of dollars in free media coverage, but many business owners or even individuals often overlook the power of a solid press kit. They think a press release is good enough to do the job. But with so many press releases out there, you often need something more than a few sheets of paper to grab the public's attention.

In particular, press kits trump press releases on several occasions. Here are five times when creating press kits is a must, with advice on what to include with each. 

1. A Product Launch

Reporters and editors see press releases for product launches all the time. They are easily overlooked. Give them even more information to make your product the one they cover.

A sample product launch press kit might include:

  • A press release
  • Company info
  • A quote sheet from those involved with the product launch and development
  • High-resolution images of the product
  • Your PR person's business card
  • Brochure on the product
  • Product sample, if available.

2. A New Company Launch

Many new companies miss out on free media coverage simply because they choose to send out a press release to announce the company's launch. This is your chance to establish media contacts you'll use throughout your company's long history and generate buzz about your new business.

A sample company launch press kit might include:

  • A press release
  • Executive profiles with bios and pictures
  • High-resolution images
  • DVD with commercials or other corporate videos
  • Media contact info
  • Brochure(s)

3. Company Mergers and Acquisitions

If your company is merging with or has acquired another business, a mergers and acquisitions press kit will not only help you get free coverage, it will also redirect all of your media inquiries to the updated media contact. This will ensure the media knows who to contact for future news stories as well.

A sample mergers and acquisitions press kit might include:

  • A press release
  • Company info
  • Updated executive bios with pictures
  • Media contact info
  • Picture of your media contact person and bio, especially if that contact has changed since the merger or acquisition
  • Quote sheet from executives about the merger acquisition

4. A News Conference

You may be holding a news conference about a major client you landed that will help the city's economy or you might hold a news conference about a charity event you're sponsoring.

A sample news conference press kit might include:

  • A press release about the news conference (not when it will be held since reporters and editors won't actually be reading this press release until after the news conference is over)
  • Quote sheets from executives. If this is for a charity, you can also include quotes from people involved with the charity.
  • Artist's rendition (if you're opening a new building or helping to build a house for charity, for example)
  • High-resolution images, if relevant
  • A fact sheet about the event
  • If a joint venture, you can include company info and also info about the charity, if applicable

5. Trade Shows

Showing up at a trade show without a press kit at your company's booth is a major mistake. Not only do reporters scour trade shows for press kits, so do vendors who could do business with you.

You may have a lot of different things going on with your company - expansion, new executives, new products, etc. A trade show is an exciting opportunity for you to detail some of those highlights that make your company newsworthy.

A sample trade show press kit might include:

  • Press releases (you don't have to be limited to one)
  • Brochures for new products
  • Product samples (in your press kit if they're small enough or available at your booth if possible). These are great additions to your materials because they give reporters and editors hands-on experience with your product(s).
  • Quote sheet from executives
  • Complete media contact info
  • Fact sheets that detail features, benefits and other info about your company or a specific product
  • Company history

As you can see, there's no cookie cutter recipe for creating press kits. What you include depends on what your purpose is but not creating one at all costs you priceless free media coverage.