Five Reasons to Create an Online Copywriting Portfolio




Whether you're marketing yourself as a freelance copywriter or you're trying to land a full-time job at an advertising agency, publishing samples of your copywriting online helps prospective employers and clients learn more about you instantly. Here's why you shouldn't hesitate to put some examples of your best copywriting online.

You're Competing With Other Copywriters

Freelancers are competing with other freelancers for assignments, and full-time agency copywriters are competing for jobs at different companies. Say a client or creative director visits the websites of two copywriters they're considering hiring. If one copywriter has an online portfolio and the other doesn't, which of them is the client or creative director more likely to call?

If you have a track record of impressive clients, a potential client or employer may take the time to request some samples of your work. But why make them ask? Don't put yourself at a disadvantage in relation to other copywriters. Put your work online.

You're Advertising Yourself

Your online portfolio should stand on its own as a solid example of your copywriting skills. Select the best work you've done in a variety of mediums and use those pieces to sell yourself to clients or employers.

Think of your portfolio as a personal ad campaign for yourself. You wouldn't drop the ball on a job for an important client, and you shouldn't highlight anything but your own best work to advance your career.

Your Online Portfolio Is an Extension of Your Paper One

Your online portfolio won't completely replace a paper portfolio you'll bring to interviews. And you don't have to completely duplicate the paper portfolio online; you can save some of your favorite copy for when you're face-to-face with a potential client or employer.

Think of the online portfolio as an extension of the paper portfolio, which should also be up-to-date and ready to go for any opportunity that arises. The online portfolio gives would-be clients and bosses a great idea of what you're capable of without them having to invest much time or energy; when they like what they see on the web, they'll be eager to see you—and your paper portfolio—in person.

In-Person Meetings Aren't Always Practical

Of course, there are some situations when an in-person meeting isn't easy to pull off, especially for clients in another locale.

Without an online portfolio, you might never have the opportunity to show your copywriting skills to people outside your immediate geographical area. With an online portfolio, the gig could be yours—without having to email lots of files if potential clients request them.

Your Online Portfolio Shows You're a Professional

Anyone can wake up and decide today's the day they want to become a copywriter. Having a high-quality website with impressive examples of work will demonstrate that you're a professional and will set you apart from the less experienced and the wannabes.

Creating a top-notch online presence shows you take yourself seriously and says other people in the industry should do so as well. If you can't be bothered to do that, clients and employers probably won't be inspired to request your services.