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FlexJobs.com promises scam-free, personally reviewed flexible work leads, and it delivers. But whether there are enough to justify the fee would depend on your line of work and motivation for finding a job.

While many of the job postings on FlexJobs.com are available free elsewhere, FlexJobs makes them much more convenient to find because it reviews them and effectively filters out work at home scams. FlexJobs is also unique in that the site attracts a lot of job posters looking to fill remote career-oriented positions. This is great for individuals looking for flexible, resume building work that can pay well. Of course however, convenience has a price. In this case, it's $14.95/month or $49.95/year.


  • Screens out work at home scams well
  • Wide variety of positions available
  • Listings are well designed
  • Company descriptions provided for most employers
  • Listings link to original job posting if available
  • Searches allow users to save a list of jobs
  • No ads and is Better Business Bureau accredited
  • Especially useful for building a freelance client base


  • Job categories can overlap and listings can become somewhat overwhelming
  • Jobs postings are not completely exclusive and are published elsewhere
  • Fee ($14.95 monthly or $49.95 yearly)


  • The site has approximately 100 new job listings each day.
  • The site offers listings for remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs with an emphasis on flexibility in schedule or location.
  • The site offers 52 categories to search from. Popular categories include administrative, communications, data entry, editing, legal, telemarketing, and web design.
  • The site also offers a variety of resources for job searchers including career coaching, guides, company descriptions, interesting job lists, job-seeker articles, blogs, and tips.

Companies with Listings

Companies posting jobs changes every day. On the Company Guide page, users can search for employers in a variety of categories.

  • The site’s list of top companies with job postings includes Kelly Services, UnitedHealth Group, Real Staffing, AT&T, and Robert Half International.
  • Remote companies: The top remote job posters include UnitedHealth Group, Aetna, Kaplan, and CyberCoders.
  • Part-time jobs: Companies topping the list for part-time job openings includes AT&T, Kaplan, and RetailData.

Review - FlexJobs.com

FlexJobs is one of a few online subscription sites offering a plethora of job listings. While it may not substantiate the fee for casual job searchers, it can be very valuable for users looking to find work relatively quickly. Many of the site listings have a quick hiring process. The site is also known for remote flexibility which means users can apply and potentially interview all through electronic means.

The site offers three different subscription options. Users can choose one-month, three-month, or year-long access. The one-month subscription is $14.95. The three-month subscription offers a lower monthly price at $29.95. The one-year access costs $49.95 which works out to be only $4 per month.

The overlap in categories is the most common complaint with this site. While the overlap is understandable (freelance can mean full- or part-time work), it’s not really necessary to have both a "Medical" and a "Health" category as it can cause users to waste time with somewhat confusing search results. The same problem can be found in searching writing/editing jobs as they are spread across nearly eight different categories with a wide range of variance in each.

If you are not sure about the fee, you can test out the site for free. This allows you to do some searching and grouping however the fee is required to apply.

If you don't want to miss any of what you've paid for, the best way to use the site is probably to check all the new listings daily. You can also identify a few of your top search categories and follow by categories as well since each category lists jobs by the most recent posting date.