Installation Overview of Fort Sill in Oklahoma

Fort Sill is located in southwest Oklahoma adjacent to the city of Lawton and 90 miles southwest of Oklahoma City. All field artillery soldiers and Marines receive their training at Fort Sill, as well as many international students from allied nations. Fort Sill is home to the Field Artillery Training Command and many tenant activities.

Fort Sill was staked out in January 1869 by MG Philip H. Sheridan as he was leading a campaign into Indian Territory to stop hostile tribes from raiding border settlements in Texas and Kansas. Troops from the 10th Cavalry, the elite unit of African-American "Buffalo Soldiers" constructed many of the stone buildings still surrounding the Old Post Quadrangle.

The mission of Fort Sill is to train soldiers and Marines, and develop Field Artillery leaders; design and develop fire support for the force; support unit training and readiness; mobilize and deploy operating forces, and maintain installation infrastructure and services.

Fort Sill houses the Field Artillery School, the primary training facility for field artillery soldiers and marines worldwide; the Field Artillery Training Center, home of basic combat, one-station unit training, and advanced individual training; and is the largest field artillery complex in the free world.

Location/Driving Directions

A map of Ft. Sill

Fort Sill is located in southwest Oklahoma, Comanche County, and next to the city of Lawton. The distance from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill is about 5 miles. There is a military representative at the Lawton Municipal Airport from 4:30 am until the last flight arrives, usually about 10:30 pm.

Upon arrival at the airport, you may want to stop by the military desk and request a Fort Sill Guide booklet and a Map. The booklet contains information, a phone directory, and Fort Sill/Lawton maps. The map also contains information, the Lawton map on one side and Fort Sill map on the other side.

The only cab service allowed to enter Fort Sill is Peoples Cab Company. The average cost for the taxi from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill is $7 for one person and 2.50 for each additional person using the cab.

The Lawton Transit Service bus system operates until 9:00 pm. The bus will stop at the bus station where you will transfer to the 'Orange Route' which runs through Fort Sill and will drop you at the Guest House (Altman Hall). The cost for the bus transportation from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill is $1.50.

If you drive from the Lawton Municipal Airport to Fort Sill, once you leave the airport you will come to a stop sign at 11th Street. Turn left on 11th Street and remain on it. It will become Fort Sill Boulevard which will lead you directly to the installation through Scott Gate.

Fort Sill is a 'closed' post. In order to gain access, you must show a valid photo Identification Card (ID). If you are driving into Fort Sill you must show proof of your current driver's license, state vehicle registration, and proof of insurance. You must register your vehicle on the post as soon as possible after you sign in. The registration form is provided to you at the Welcome Center during in processing

Population/Major Units Assigned

Basic training graduation ceremony
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Fort Sill is a large installation. The total population in Fort Sill is about 53,000 including, 20,000 military and civilian personnel, and 33,000 military family members. There is a robust retiree community that is supported by Fort Sill.

Major Units/Schools

  • Basic Officer Leader Course II (BOLC II)
  • US Army Field Artillery School
  • USMC Artillery Detachment
  • 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade
  • Directorate of Training and Doctrine (DOTD)
  • Joint and Combined Integration Directorate
  • 75th Fires
  • 214th Fires

Main Phone Numbers

Geronimo's Grave at Fort Sill
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Before calling to locate an individual, be sure to have their full name, rank, and unit of assignment. The more information you provide the quicker a match can be made.

  • American Red Cross (580) 442-2426/2-5306 or toll-free 1-877-272-7337
  • Army Community Services Mon-Fri (580) 442-5018/6801
  • Operator Assistance (Commercial) 580-442-8111
  • Operator Assistance (DSN) 639 -8111
  • Fort Sill Field Officer of the Day (Commercial) 580-442-4912
  • Fort Sill Field Officer of the Day (DSN) 639-4912

Temporary Lodging

Opened door of hotel room in morning.
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Military personnel and family members on orders to Fort Sill may contact Fort Sill Lodging to secure room reservations, 580-442-5000, DSN 312-639-5000 or toll-free 1-877-902-3607.

Sill lodging is located in Building 5676 on Ferguson Road. The billeting office provides service 24- hours, 7-days a week. You may reserve your room in Lodging up to 60 days in advance when PCSing to Fort Sill.

Price range for personnel on official orders is $35.00 - $59.00 per night, depending on room size. A copy of official travel orders and a military ID card must be presented at the time of service on all official travel. Prices for non-official visits are slightly higher.

Families arriving at Fort Sill on PCS orders must "pay as you go" as any other guest, then apply for the reimbursement during in-processing. The same applies if the family uses off post temporary lodging.

Only one of the guest facilities allows pets. Let the Lodging personnel know at the time you make your reservation if you will be bringing your pet.


Single Soldier Apartments
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Housing Management Division is located at 4700 Mow-Way Road. For information on housing contact DPW Housing at (580)442-4949/2813.

Housing is assigned by eligibility date, pay grade and family size, Fort Sill welcomes advanced applications with the submission of a DD Form 1746, a copy of your orders assigning you to the area and a DA Form 31.

Personnel at Fort Sill occupy 1,415 family housing units. Housing areas are conveniently located in various areas all over the installation. The housing is comprised of single, duplex and four-plex dwelling units with yards. Each has adequate parking, and playgrounds within walking distance.

]Enlisted Housing consists of units for grades E-1 through E-9. The Square footage for these homes varies anywhere from 735 to over 2800 depending on family size and rank.

Officer Housing consists of units for Warrant, Company and Field grades. The Square footage for these homes varies anywhere from 1100 to 3300 depending on family size and rank.

Fort Sill's standard room for single soldiers has at least 118 square feet per soldier, with a walk-in closet and a bathroom. Built-in furniture is utilized to the maximum extent possible. A first class quality approach, which emphasizes life cycle costing, is being employed.


NCO Corps in a ceremony in front of hundreds of other NCOs
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The Fort Sill/Lawton School Liaison may be contacted at 580-442-4831. The School Liaison provides information and assists parents matching the schools and solving issues sometimes encountered by the military families.

Children in kindergarten through sixth grade who live on post attend one of the two public grade schools: Geronimo Road Elementary or Sheridan Road Elementary. Both are part of the Lawton Public School system. If you arrive at Fort Sill and will be moving on a post within 90 days, you may enroll your child(ren) in one of these schools.

LPS offers numerous programs including gifted and talented, summer enrichment, extensive special education services, Oklahoma Parents as Teachers program for parents of children from birth to three years, pre-kindergarten classes, transitional first grade, in-school programs for pregnant girls, school-to-work, and limited English proficiency programs. The Lawton Public School System now has extended day-care facilities at 26 sites throughout the district.

Required documents needed for enrolling students are their shot records, certified birth certificate, child's Social Security number, documents from previous schools, if available, and Individual Education Plan (IEP) for students with special needs.

To enroll in kindergarten, children must be 5 years of age before September 2nd. The Lawton Public School System provides free bus transportation to elementary students living 1 mile or more from their assigned schools. LPS also provides free transportation to secondary students living 1 1/2 mile or more from school. There are also several Private Schools in the area.

For Home Schooling information contact LAWTON-Home Educators' Resource Organization (HERO) of Lawton/Fort Sill 4612 NE Columbia Avenue, Lawton, OK 73507.

Child Care

Fort Sill School Age Services program
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Central Registration (CR), provides one-stop child care registry services for patrons and can handle all your childcare needs on Fort Sill. A waiting list is maintained for infant and toddler care. To add your name to this list, please call the CR office. To register, please allow yourself 45 to 55 minutes to complete all the required paperwork. You must have each child's immunization record when you register. For more information about registration, please call 580-442-3927 or DSN 312-639-3927,

A non-refundable, annual registration fee of $15 per child/$35 for a family of 3 or more is due at the time of registration for all the programs under CYS.

Tincher Child Development Center offers full-day care for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age. The center offers trained staff, balanced meals, and age-appropriate developmental activities. The CDC can be reached at 580-442-2320 or DSN 312-639-2320.

Tincher Child Development Center offers the following programs: full day, part day, part day preschool, before/after kindergarten and hourly childcare. The center is open Monday through Friday, 5:30 am-5:30 pm and closed weekends and Federal Holidays.

Family Child Care provides care in a smaller group setting by a certified adult family member living in Fort Sill quarters. Some FCC providers offer extended hour care (for parents who must go TDY or to the field) or special needs care. Contact the FCC Office at 580-442-4831 for additional information.

School Age Services provides a Before and After School program during the school year and a Summer Day Camp for the 12 weeks of summer. SAS is conveniently located just off Fort Sill Boulevard on Gruber Road, north of the commissary parking lot. They can be reached at 580-442-6745 or DSN 312-639-5959.

Medical Care

Reynolds Army Community Hospital
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Active duty service members and their family members (including Reservists on active duty) are authorized to use military medical treatment facilities (MTFs). Retirees and their families may also use these facilities if there is space available.

After reporting to the Welcome Center, you will be assigned to a clinic for routine care, based upon your unit of assignment. Patients should contact their assigned family practice clinic or troop medical clinic for routine care appointments and for referrals to specialty clinics. Appointment for specialty clinics is by written physician referral only.

The TRICARE Service Center in Reynolds Army Hospital provides information about the TRICARE program, conducts enrollment, and dis-enrollment, and makes referrals through Health Care Finders.

Fort Sill has three dental clinics for the active duty service member. Check with your unit to determine which one you should use. Prosthodontics, endodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery are available at one of the three modern dental clinics through referrals only for active duty soldiers.

The TRICARE Active Duty Family Member Dental Plan (FMDP) is a comprehensive dental plan available to spouses and children of active-duty members of the seven uniformed services. To be eligible for enrollment in FMDP, sponsors must intend to remain on active duty for 24 months. Sponsors may enroll their family members by filling out DD form 2494 or 2494-1 at their personnel office.