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Galen Vinter
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When I first started working for a co-working space in Cambridge, MA after of college I had no idea I was stepping into the tech startup world. I was surrounded by SaaS companies and digital agencies and I found it inspiring so I began teaching myself web development on a nights-and-weekends schedule. Eventually, I got an exciting opportunity to join a startup in Kendall Square called Placester as the 2nd engineer.

After a couple years, I got the urge to get my hands dirty in new projects and products. I also wanted to move from front-end development towards product management, so I began consulting as a product-focused front-end developer for startups needing help building a web app and organizations trying to build out a web presence (some of the companies I worked with are on my personal site).

While consulting I realized that only half of my day was doing the actual work I set out to do in product and development. The other half of my day was spent context switching to communicate with clients and emailing clients with project status updates. I found this perplexing because I only had 3-4 projects at a time - seemingly not that much. My epiphany moment was when I realized that the majority of my client communications were redundant and that if I could just draw them a visual timeline of the project and each day point at where I was in the timeline, then I'd save a massive amount of time writing emails.

So I set out to build ProjectPulse, a startup that makes creating and sending project status updates easier. ProjectPulse helps project owners with any type of project stakeholders, whether clients or colleagues, communicate the current status of a project. The goal is to make project status updates simple, quick, and less redundant.

Luckily for me, I continue to do web development for ProjectPulse and also write a weekly newsletter called Front-end Dev Weekly.

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