8 Ways to Get Your Employees Excited About Their Jobs

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Happy and satisfied employees are more productive, and engaged workers tend to stick around longer. We know that employee retention is a big deal for small business owners who don't have the budget to handle the costs of hiring and training new employees on a regular basis. This is why good employees can be one of the greatest resources in your small business. There are many things you can do to help your employees manage stress, find job satisfaction and get motivated to work.

Communicate Openly 

There may not be a quicker way to lose the loyalty of your employees than withholding important information or communicating in a way that is misleading. Of course you don't need to share every detail of running your business, but there are some things that are important for your employees to know so they can do their jobs effectively. Communicate this information to your employees on a regular basis.


Just as communicating down is important, it is also important for employees to be able to discuss issues and ask questions that will give them direction in their jobs. Give your team opportunities to talk about things that are important to them, then take the time to listen and act on what is discussed. 

Be Positive 

The day-to-day operations of a small business can be stressful, but a can-do attitude can reduce the impact of the challenges. The best part is that positivity can be contagious. The more upbeat and optimistic you are in the office, the more your employees will see the glass as half full. 

Make Learning Part of the Culture

Skill development opportunities are valuable for employees, not only so they can do their current jobs well, but so they can also prepare for career advancement opportunities. 

Share Successes

It's amazing how much a pat on the back can do for morale in a small business. Let your employees share in the celebrations of big wins so they can see the results of their hard work, and be motivated to continue building the positive momentum. 

Bring Fun into the Workplace

An enjoyable work environment can be a great motivator. Consider starting a friendly competition with your team with monetary incentives or a day off as the reward. Or bring in some amenities that will lighten the mood, like a popcorn machine or Friday afternoon pizza parties. 

Be Fair

Just like a parent needs to be fair with multiple children, you need to treat each of your employees fairly or feelings of resentment and jealousy will begin to develop. Hold everyone to the same level of accountability, with the same rewards or reprimands doled out across the board.

Let Your Passion Show

You started your business because you have a passion for your work. Let that excitement show so your employees can appreciate how much you have put into your business. If you show that you are excited about your job and simply love what you do, your employees are more likely to genuinely enjoy their jobs as well.

It takes time and attention to develop a team that is highly motivated and excited to come to work every day. Incorporating some of these ideas into your business will help you become a better leader and a more successful small business owner.