The Best Gift Cards Ideas for Your Boss and Co-Workers

If you wish to give someone at the office a gift, such as a thank you or holiday gift, it is important to make sure that it is appropriate and not too generous or, at the other extreme, too cheap. The last thing you want to do is cause awkwardness or generate bad feelings. These no-fail, sure-to-please gift ideas are politically correct and will be appreciated.

Starbucks Gift Card: Spend $10 to $25

Coffee and tea lovers are easy to please with a gift card to Starbucks or local coffee shop. Picking custom-flavored coffees or teas can be a hit or miss, so your best bet is a gift card tucked inside a new mug.

Another option is a desk-top mug warmer. These work well for tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

Best Buy Gift Card: Spend $10 to $15

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Gift cards to electronic stores are a great gift because major stores like Best Buy and Fry's offer a wide variety of items to purchase. A $15 gift card can buy a game, new CD, cell phone cover, or even magazines. Fry's also offers a toy department, as well as "As Seen on TV" items, many of which can be purchased for about $10.

These types of stores are great for gift-giving for both men and women, as they are gender neutral and make finding a gift easy.

iTunes Gift Card: Spend $10 to $15

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Apple iTunes is a software application for downloading, playing, and managing audio and video files. The application includes access to the iTunes Store, where users can purchase items such as apps, music, and movies. An iTunes gift card allows the cardholder to watch videos and television programs, read books, and download apps.

Amazon Gift Card: Spend $15 to $25 is best-known as an online bookseller. It sells print as well as digital titles that can be downloaded to a Kindle device. The site also offers a vast selection of other products, such as electronics, furniture, clothing, and food. 

Amazon gift cards can be purchased online and sent via Facebook, email, or postal service, or they can be printed out and tucked into a greeting card.

Because offers free or low-cost shipping on many items, you don't have to worry about exceeding $15. Plus, $15 will purchase up to 15 Kindle books!

The Great Courses: Minimum Gift Certificate $25

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The Great Courses

Have an intellectual boss or co-worker or wish to give a gift to someone with a curious mind? If your boss or co-worker likes learning or their passion is art, history, math, music, travel, science, or just about any other academic interest you can name (including quantum physics), why not try a gift certificate to The Great Courses online store?

Gift certificates can be redeemed for lectures from top professors and authorities on DVD or CD or downloaded. Regular prices are steep and will not buy much, but the company runs monthly sales with a 50 percent to 80 percent discount on select courses.