Glenn Halbrooks

News media
TV News Director
Mercer University



Glenn Halbrooks is a former writer for The Balance Careers covering news media. His writing expertise covers the news media industry, journalism standards, media trends, and more.

Halbrooks began working in television when he was in high school. Since 2003, he's been leading the team of a local CBS TV affiliate, currently as the news director. He has overhauled the station's website, launched social networking platforms, and trained staff on using these new tools while maintaining standards of accuracy, attribution, and fairness. Also, he works closely with upper-level management to grow the brand and protect the company's image across the 15-county viewing area.

Halbrooks leads his station's on-air and online branding efforts from logo and graphic design to brand positioning. He co-authored the station's policy and style manual, which helps staff members learn policies on writing and ethics so they'll make the right decisions in the field, on-air, and online.

Previously, Halbrooks worked as station manager and over the years as a videographer, reporter, anchor, senior news producer, and news promotion producer. He has been a part of news teams that have won Emmy Awards for "Best Newscast," and awards from the American Advertising Federation, Associated Press, and Cable Television Association. 


Glenn has a B.A. degree in communications with concentrations in broadcasting and journalism from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.