10 Good Ideas for a Side Hustle

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More and more people are working full-time jobs while also working a side hustle. A side hustle is a job that you can work on top of your full-time job. It is a flexible second job that brings in money, but it is also typically something that you are passionate about, that you don’t get to pursue in your main job. Maybe it is something that will help you develop skills for your main career, but more often, it is something that you simply love to do.

You might take up a side hustle for a number of reasons. First, it provides extra income on top of your main job. Second, it allows you to pursue a passion that you don’t get to explore much in your main job. Are you an accountant who loves music? Maybe teaching music lessons after work is the right side hustle for you. Are you a teacher with an interest in interior design? Maybe you freelance as an interior decorator.

A third reason some people take up a side hustle is to test out whether or not a different career field might be right for them. It’s a good way to explore other career opportunities without quitting your main job. It also allows you to network with people in a new career field, which is a great way to explore career options.

Read below for information on how to find the right side hustle for you. Also, see a detailed list of ten great ideas for possible side hustles.

Tips for Finding the Right Side Hustle for You

Choosing a side hustle comes down to three things: your skills, passions, and time.

Evaluate Your Skill Sets

If you want to earn some extra cash but aren’t sure what to do, think about your skill sets. Is there anything that you are particularly skilled at, but perhaps you aren’t able to use that skill at work? Maybe you are a very strong writer or editor. You could look for freelance writing or editing jobs. Perhaps you have always been good with animals. You might consider dog walking or taking care of neighborhood pets. Think about what skills you have, and put them to good use.

Consider Your Passions

Along with considering your skill sets, think about what you are passionate about. Do you care a lot about fitness and wellness? Consider becoming certified in teaching yoga and teach classes at your local gym. Are you passionate about education? Become a tutor in a topic you are knowledgeable in. Make sure your side hustle is something you care deeply about so that you can enjoy the extra work.

Manage Your Time

Before taking up a side hustle, make sure you can balance your time. You need to make sure you can still do well at your first job. Think about how much time your side hustle will take, and when you can get it done. Is it something you can do in the evenings? On weekends? Create a schedule that will allow you to balance your two jobs, while still leaving some time for yourself.

Top 10 Side Hustle Ideas

Below is a list of 10 side hustle ideas. These would make good ideas for a variety of reasons. Some are particularly flexible and allow you to create a schedule that works with your primary job. Others are known for paying well. Still others are jobs in which many people find great enjoyment.

Read the list and find the side hustle that might be right for you.

1. Ecommerce

There are lots of things you might sell, and lots of places where you can easily sell products online. If you are crafty, consider selling your products on Etsy. If you enjoy refurbishing products, such as furniture or technological products, you might sell these on various niche websites. If you want to be completely independent, you can create your own website and sell products from there. These kinds of jobs give you great flexibility, as you can make and sell products on your own time.

2. Caregiving

Some people have a knack for taking care of others. If that is your case, consider offering babysitting or daycare services in your area. There are also many opportunities to take care of elderly or disabled people who need help during the day. Finally, if you are better with animals than people, you might help take care of someone’s pet. You can offer dog walking or dog grooming services. You can offer these services through word of mouth, or take advantage of the many caregiving websites and apps. For example, Care.com allows you to offer your nannying services to others, and Rover.com allows you to find people looking for dog sitters and dog walkers.

3. Party Planning

Are you known among your friends as being a great party planner? Are you organized, with an eye for detail? Consider offering your services as a party planner. You can help plan anything from a child’s birthday party to a Bar Mitzvah to a wedding. If you are not interested in the planning aspect of events, you might consider playing another role at parties based on your skills. Consider starting a small catering service, or (if you are musically inclined) offering your services as a DJ. If you are a good baker, offer to sell baked goods (such as cakes or cupcakes) for parties and events.

4. Photography

Do you have a passion for the arts? Maybe you enjoy taking photos of your family or friends? Consider taking up photography as your side hustle. You can offer to take family portraits or photograph events like engagements and weddings. This kind of side hustle gives you the control to choose what days and times you work.

5. Real Estate

There are a few side hustles you can take up if you are interested in real estate and/or home renovations. Some of them involve having some money to begin with. If you have a bit of money saved up, you might get into fixing and flipping a house. You could also buy foreclosed homes to fix and sell. If you are interested in becoming a landlord, you could purchase and rent out homes or apartment units. You could also get your real estate license and become a part-time realtor. This kind of job is relatively flexible. Finally, if you are interested in renting out part of your own home for short-term stays, consider signing up for AirBnB or another site that allows you to rent out your property.

6. Service Industry

The service industry is a broad sector, but many people find side hustles providing some kind of assistance to others. Companies like TaskRabbit allow you to search for and offer services ranging from running errands to fixing a broken sink. You might also offer delivery services (companies like Postmates can help you offer this). Finally, if you have a car, you might offer your services as a driver through Lyft or Uber.

7. Teaching

Teaching is a broad category that refers to a number of side hustle possibilities. If you are skilled in a particular academic field, you might tutor students on that topic, or teach an online class. If you play an instrument, consider teaching music. Are you passionate about fitness? Consider teaching yoga or other fitness classes. The benefit of these side hustles is that they are very flexible. They also allow you to share your passion with others.

8. Tour Guide

If you live in a city or other area frequented by tourists, consider offering your services as a tour guide. All you need is some knowledge of the area, a friendly, outgoing personality, and strong oral communication skills. You can offer your services through family or friends, or join sites like TourByLocals.

9. Web Design

Do you have skills in programming and/or web design? Many companies are willing to pay people to design or edit web pages for them. This is a freelance job, meaning you could get paid by multiple companies. This is also a flexible job that you could do on nights or weekends when you aren’t working. You can also do this kind of work from your own home.

10. Writing and Editing

Are you a good writer? There are many side hustles that allow you to put your writing skills to good use. You might edit college essays for students, or do freelance writing or editing for a website. Many companies list their freelance editing jobs online. If there is a topic you are particularly passionate about, consider starting a blog based on the topic. It might take a while, but there are ways to generate income from a blog.

This is only a small selection of the many side hustle opportunities. When deciding on a side hustle, think about what is important to you and what you can fit into your schedule.