How Legit are Google Work-At-Home Jobs?

Google sign on the Google campus building

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Are Google jobs from home that are advertised on the Internet and in emails for real? The short answer is probably not. The Google work-at-home kits and other "Google job" opportunities found in search engine ads and emails are not legitimate work-at-home jobs and are not offered by Google.

They are work-at-home scams being created by con artists, tarnishing Google's name and using it to fool job-seekers. Protect yourself with facts and knowledge, and don't fall victim.

Google Job Scams

When you search on Google (or any other search engine), along with your results, usually come ads or sponsored links that look a lot like your search results. When it comes to working at home, these Google Ads or sponsored links, are almost always work-at-home scams. Legitimate employers don’t blast their job ads throughout cyberspace hoping to find someone based on the search terms they used, but con artists do, and unfortunately, with some success. Don't let them prey on you.

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on Google work-at-home scams. These "opportunities" employ one of the typical techniques for work-at-home scams by associating their product with something trusted, in this case, Google.

According to Snopes, some ads for work-at-home Google jobs purported to charge $2 as a nominal fee to help Google find the serious applicants, but ended up charging $80 a month to the scam victims' credit cards (obviously, without their knowledge).

Google Adsense Business Opportunities

In addition to outright scams that promote non-existent Google jobs from home, there are also home business kits promising big money with little effort by using Google Adsense. And while placing ads on your website and earning revenue from them is a legitimate way to earn money, it is not necessarily easy, and it isn't quick. It takes time to build up a website capable of generating the traffic needed to make those ads pay you more than a few dollars. Some work-at-home scams imply that you can make money off Google ads immediately or that you don’t need a website. Be very wary of these claims. 

Legitimate Google Work-At-Home Jobs

The California-based company is known for its employee-friendly Mountain View campus and quirky corporate culture. So, given the investment in Google’s workplace, it’s no surprise that the company’s culture does not emphasize telecommuting.

While the vast majority of the "work-at-home Google jobs" are scams, there is one Google job from home that is legitimate. But Google is pretty quiet about advertising for these jobs, which are mostly for people with foreign language skills. These ads quality raters are the human complement to Google's algorithm, checking that results are what a person might expect. In most cases, Google hires for these jobs through outside agencies or contracts with companies specializing in search evaluation.