Learn How to Get Rid of Bad Star Ratings on Facebook

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Despite your best efforts, there they are – negative star ratings, a big blemish on your Facebook business page. How can you remove them? How do you get rid of them or at least mitigate their damage? 

You have a few possible options, but first, ask yourself why you want to remove them. It's OK if you don't have perfect reviews. In fact, having only five-star ratings can look a little suspicious. After all, nobody's perfect. Still, there are plenty of good reasons to remove negative ratings from your Facebook page.

Why You Might Want to Get Rid of Those Bad Stars

You can't control who can post reviews when your Facebook page is public. Competitors who want to make your business look bad or people with an ax to grind have full access. These reviews aren't an honest evaluation of your business. They're intended to bring you down. 

You might even have become the target of negative social “crowdsourcing." This happens when people who don't know anything about your business and who have never used your services begin posting bad reviews simply because someone asked them to. Or maybe they saw something about your business on Facebook they just didn't like, so they're out to get you. 

It's also possible your business just doesn't lend itself well to ratings, or maybe you're tired of Facebook deciding what shows on your page. Whatever your reason, here's how to turn off those star ratings on your page. 

How to Hide Star Ratings 

Facebook's rating system is tied into the map/check-in system, so turning off the map on your page also hides the reviews. Here's how to do it: 

  1. Go to your Facebook page as an Admin.
  2. Select “Edit Page” in the drop-down menu above your header photo.
  3. Select “Update Page Info."
  4. Scroll down to “Address” and click “Edit."
  5. Unclick the map checkbox under the map on the left where it says, “Show this map on your Page.”
  6. Hit “Save Changes”

Bingo … no more star ratings will appear on your page. But if this feature changes, it will leave business owners at the mercy of the general public.

Other Options 

You can try reporting a "fake" negative star rating to Facebook, but you might have limited success. First, the user must have left some sort of comment. If there's just the star, you're somewhat defenseless. You can also reserve the right to block certain people from your page. 

Another option is to use the negative star ratings to your advantage and to make your business look better. Respond to the poster publicly, right there on your page, effectively asking what you might do to change his opinion and improve his or her experience. Go above and beyond the call of duty. If the poster reacts negatively rather than accepts your offer to make things right, this is pretty much a public admission that the problem is with him or her, not you. 

Finally, you can counteract the weight of negative stars even if you can't get rid of them. Ask happy clients and customers to give you positive reviews, as well as friends and family members. Eventually, this will bring your average up. Just don't overdo it and space the reviews out over time. You don't want your brother Bob posting 25 great reviews or a multitude of five-star ratings inside of three days.