New Job Congratulation Letters for a College Graduate

College students at graduation wearing caps and gowns.

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It's always good etiquette to congratulate someone who has just been hired for a new position. It's even more appropriate to do so when someone’s landed their first job out of college. The transition from college to the work world can be both exciting and stressful for recently minted graduates. Your letter of congratulations may well serve to give them the added boost in confidence they’ll need to hit the ground running in their new job role.

Letters of congratulations also provide you with the opportunity to update and strengthen your professional network – which is why the social media networking site LinkedIn notifies its members when a contact has accepted a new job. You never know when your paths may cross again in the professional world – perhaps your own company may one day have an opening that you think would be perfect for a college graduate you’ve been impressed by and have congratulated. Maintaining a good ongoing relationship with rising young professionals through congratulations letters gives you continuous access to a strong talent pool. It only takes a few minutes to relay your congratulations by formal letter or by sending an email or LinkedIn message.

Congratulations Letters and Email Messages for Grads

Here are a few examples of congratulations letters to send to college graduates who have gotten a new job. When writing your own letter, make it as personal as possible by alluding to shared experiences and/or praising specific achievements earned by the letter’s recipient.

It’s also nice, if appropriate, to add a supplemental “thank you” if they have helped you in any way.

College Graduate New Job Congratulations Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Jenna,

I was very pleased to hear that you have been offered a position at the Garnet Company after graduation.

You have my heartfelt congratulations both on graduating and on earning your new position.

I know that Garnet Company was one of the “Top 3” employers you’d hoped that you could work for, so you must be beyond thrilled to be onboarding with them!

These are exciting changes, and I'm sure you will meet the challenges they bring with your usual optimism, creativity, and capability.

I wish you all the best as you move forward in your new career.

Sincerely yours,


Congratulations Message to a College Graduate From a Mentor Example (Text Version)

Dear Steven,

How wonderful to learn that all of your hard work at XYZ University has paid off in your new job offer. It has been a pleasure to work with you over the course of the past two years – your dedication to your studies and your willingness to help your peers has truly contributed to the productivity and morale of our department.

I know that Majors Brothers Firm will be gaining a talented and congenial junior associate in you. Best wishes for much joy and success in your professional endeavors.


Professor Brown

Congratulations Email Message for a New Job Example

If you are sending an email message, the subject line of the message can simply say “Congratulations,” followed by your message:

Congratulations Email Message for a New Job Example (Text Version)

Dear Greg,

Thank you for letting me know the outcome of your job search.

I was delighted (but not surprised in the least) to learn that you landed the job with ABC Company that you asked me to refer you for after we met at XYZ University’s Alumni Gathering. You impressed me then with your drive, self-motivation, and academic achievements, and it’s clear that your new employer values these characteristics as well!

I know that you will enjoy all of the great opportunities and challenges that your new job offers. Onward and upward!

Best regards,

Sam Jones