Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans

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Realizing there was a need for veterans to find a way to use the skills they acquired during their military service and for employers to recruit highly skilled job candidates, in August 2018, Google announced a new addition to its Grow With Google initiative—Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans. This resource lets service members who are returning to the civilian workforce locate post-military jobs that match the roles they performed in the armed forces. A related service helps veterans who are starting their own businesses let customers know these entities are owned or led by veterans.

Each year, approximately 200,000 service members leave the military and over the last five years, just under one million have returned to civilian life (Veteran Impact in the Workforce. Syracuse University Institute for Veterans and Military Families). One of the most significant problems transitioning veterans face involves entering or re-entering the civilian workforce. Close to half (45 percent) want to remain in careers related to their military jobs, but they struggle to find a way to fully utilize their skills. Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans helps facilitate this process.

What Is Grow With Google?

The tech giant launched Grow With Google in 2017 to provide free training, events, and tools to help individuals, including veterans and their spouses, acquire skills needed to succeed in school, the workplace, or their own businesses. It gives people who are not directly affiliated with Google the ability to utilize the company’s tools and training to expand their skill sets and, subsequently, their employability or success as entrepreneurs. One can get a professional certification in IT support or learn how to utilize Google’s tools through self-paced video lessons.

Another extremely useful component of Grow With Google is a job search tool that gathers employment opportunities from around the web. Users can access it directly from the search engine’s homepage by entering keywords, for example, “nursing jobs near me," into the Google search bar. WIth Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans, former service people can further customize their search in order to find jobs that match their military roles.

How to Use Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans

To access Grow With Google Job Search for Veterans, go to the Google homepage and enter “jobs for veterans" in the search box. You will then be asked to enter your MOS code. This is your Military Occupational Specialty—the job you held while in the armed forces. Depending on the branch of the military in which you served, this will be your MOS which is used by the Army and Marine Corps, AFSC (Air Force Specialty Code), or NEC (Navy Enlisted Classification). Your results will include relevant civilian jobs that correspond to the skills you used in your military role.

Google Also Helps Vets Who Are Business Owners

Google also recognizes the fact that some veterans opt to start their own businesses instead of looking for employment. The company introduced a way to promote vet-owned or led companies. Using Google My Business to create a free profile, those companies can self-identify so customers can easily find them.

More Ways Google Helps Veterans Access Job Opportunities

Companies that use Google's Cloud Talent Solution can provide job listings on their career sites that take veterans' military skills into account. Service members who are looking for work can use their MOS, AFSC, or NEC to search for jobs on many employers' websites or several job boards. Here are some of the sites that let you match your military skills with civilian job opportunities:

  • Career Builder: Use Career Builder, a job board, to search for openings in a variety of fields. Type your MOS or relevant code into the search box.
  • Getting Hired: This site specializes in matching disabled job seekers and veterans with employment.
  • FedEx for Veterans: The package delivery company has a job search tool dedicated specifically to veterans. Enter your MOS or other occupational specialty code to see if it is hiring people with your skills.
  • Encompass Health: Encompass Health provides inpatient rehabilitation, home healthcare, and hospice services. The company actively recruits veterans by allowing them to search by military occupational codes.
  • Siemens: This German-based multi-national conglomerate hires in the career fields of engineering, manufacturing, operations, information technology, and sales and marketing. Enter your MOS or related code into the search box. If there's a matching job, it will show up in your results.