H&R Block Career and Employment Information

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Are you interested in a career as a tax professional, or possibly a tax office support job or corporate position? H&R Block is a leading tax services provider and a fully-integrated financial services company, operating more than 11,000 offices worldwide.

You can find H&R Block career and employment information online to help you determine if they offer the right career choice for you.

Company Overview

H&R Block was founded in 1955 by brothers Henry and Richard Bloch. Their principal mission was to look at life through tax, and help people with preparing their taxes for the maximum refund. They prepared over 23 million tax returns in 2019, and have offices in all U.S. states, U.S. territories, and on U.S. military bases worldwide.

H&R Block is an industry leader due to its cutting-edge innovation and advanced technology.

H&R Block Job Options

H&R Block hires both full-time year-round and temporary employees for tax season. Over 80,000 tax professionals work at corporate headquarters and at local offices throughout the United States. Jobs are continuously available, and thousands of seasonal employees are added during the busy tax season.

Office positions include tax professional, office leader, and tax office support. Tax operations field management jobs include district, regional, and divisional leadership roles. Corporate positions are available in information technology, retail sales, field management, client service and support, communications, financial services, government relations, human resources, legal, and marketing.

H&R Block looks for candidates with effective communication skills, ability to grow business, interpersonal skills, and the ability to work a flexible schedule. Successful completion of the H&R Block Income Tax Course or Tax Knowledge Assessment will qualify you for consideration for certain career opportunities.

For administration jobs, preferred qualifications are one year of clerical or administrative experience, one year of H&R Block tax office experience or quality control experience, good reading and math skills, strong verbal and written communication skills.

Income Tax Preparation Class

If you’re interested in a job working as a tax preparer, H&R Block offers a course to teach you everything you’ll need to know, from tax theory and ethics to real world tax preparation. You’ll earn H&R Block certification, a certificate of completion, and qualifying education hours. After you complete the course, you may be invited to interview for a position with H&R Block.

The class is offered online in English and Spanish. Fees vary based on location. If you have experience, you can take the Tax Knowledge Assessment before you sign up to determine your skill level and if you need to take the class.

H&R Block Seasonal Positions

Temporary tax season jobs offer flexible hours, the opportunity to utilize and gain professional experience, and to learn new skills in both tax and support roles.

Seasonal tax preparer responsibilities include conducting tax interviews, preparing tax returns, ensuring client confidentiality and privacy, increasing client retention, and offering additional products and services.

Seasonal office position responsibilities include greeting clients in a personalized, friendly and inviting manner, matching clients with tax professionals, scheduling, maintaining office cleanliness, and overseeing office organization.

Career Opportunities

Job searchers can find out what H&R Block has to offer them in two ways. First, by enrolling in their Talent Community, which provides updates to candidates on jobs, events, and news at H&R Block. You’ll receive information on hiring events and job fairs you can participate in. They will also send you notifications of job postings that fit your criteria and seem to be a match for your qualifications.

Secondly, applicants can search for job opportunities, find local jobs, and apply online for both office and corporate jobs. Just select your job title, category or keywords, and your location, and you will find a variety of employment options. Create an online profile to store your resume for easy application when you find interesting positions.

H&R Block Employee Benefits

H&R Block offers a variety of benefits to full-time employees including health and wellness benefits like medical, dental, vision, health savings, flex spending, and life insurance. Additional benefits include adoption assistance, an employee stock purchase plan, retirement plan, vacation, and tuition assistance.

Depending on eligibility, seasonal employees may be able to enroll in medical coverage and retirement plans, and receive employee discounts.