8 Holiday Gift Ideas for Female Models

This holiday season, take the guesswork out of gift buying with these gift ideas catered specifically to the models in your life. Sure, everyone can use a nice, new pair of socks, but you can really make someone’s day with a gift that shows you put a lot of thought into it. These gift ideas range from things that will advance and support their career to things that will help them relax and recharge in their off time.

International Exposure to Model Agencies Worldwide

There is nothing better than giving an aspiring model the exposure they need to the world’s leading modeling agencies. A ModelScouts.com profile is the perfect gift to give to new and experienced models of all ages, sizes, and heights. Models have the unique opportunity to GETSCOUTED® by over 150 top international agencies and receive feedback within ten business days. ModelScouts.com also offers handy gift certificates to make your gift even more special.

Personal Coaching Session with Aaron Marcus

A One on One Consultation with Aaron Marcus, America’s Premier Acting and Modeling Coach will instantly change the trajectory of any aspiring model or actor's career.

Aaron is represented by over 125 agencies across the United States, the author of "How to Become a Successful Commercial Model" and Host of ModelTalk Radio. His experience and expertise are second to none in the industry.

A 90-minute mentoring session with Aaron is a gift that will keep on giving as models and actors will receive lifelong benefits from his personalized tips and advice.

Scuba Portfolio Book

The “Scuba” portfolio is the first choice of portfolio book by leading agencies and top models around the world.

Designed exclusively for professional models by Models Mart the iconic “Scuba” always looks great and is super durable. It feels and looks like leather but will never crack or split, and it easily wipes clean; and because it’s not leather, it’s vegan-friendly. Bonus.

Victoria's Secret Bra and Panty Sets

While we may not all become a Victoria’s Secret model, there is no reason why we can’t dress like one. Going on castings, fittings, and working for clients can mean that a model will try on and take off a lot of clothing, sometimes in front of the client. Matching bra and panty sets from Victoria’s Secret are the best way to make sure a model looks stylish and put together at all times.

Kate Spade Crystal Ear Buds

Many models spend a lot of time traveling which means a lot of time waiting in airports or hotels. What better way to spend time than by listening to music, podcasts, or books right from their phone, and why not listen in style with these trendy Kate Spade Crystal Ear Buds? The earbuds even have a tangle-resistant cord and a carrying case so the model you know won’t spend time looking for or unraveling their stylish earbuds.

Kevin Murphy Hair Products

Kevin Murphy’s product slogan is “Skin Care for Your Hair.” ​Models know how important it is to take care of their skin and hair, and that’s one of the reasons Kevin Murphy’s products are so popular with models. His work has been featured on just about every major magazine cover, and his hair products make for useful and fun gifts for models.

Tiffany & Co. Elsa Peretti Passport Cover

All that traveling models do mean they have to have their passports handy and protected at all times. A stylish passport cover will keep their passports protected, and this Tiffany & Co. passport cover is the perfect glam solution to damaged passports. It was designed by Elsa Peretti (a famed Italian jewelry designer), and it was hand-painted using a Japanese technique known as “inden.” So, not only is it a thoughtful gift for a model, but it’s an interesting conversation piece as well!

Vogue Magazine Subscription

Considered the bible of the fashion industry, Vogue Magazine is arguably the most influential fashion magazine in the world, ​Vogue has been setting fashion standards for over a century and is the best-selling fashion magazine in the world.