Work at Home Call Center Company Profiles

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For a more detailed look at companies hiring virtual call center agents, browse these home call center company profiles. If you are interested in working as a call center agent, be sure to spend additional time researching technical requirements of the job, average salary, and types of call centers.

Accolade Support Center

This business process outsourcing company hires technical support and customer service agents from the United States as independent contractors for full- and part-time work-at-home call center positions. The jobs pay on a per-minute compensation structure (with an hourly base) that tops out at $10 per hour. 

Alpine Access/Sykes

This Denver outsourcing company uses only home call center agents in most U.S. states and Canada. It hires its call center agents as employees and offers benefits like a health care plan.

Apple At-Home Advisors

While most of Apple's work at home jobs are for college students, it does hire non-students into some home call center jobs.


This well-known Seattle e-commerce company has a relatively small work-at-home customer service operation. It hires agents as employees, not contractors and offers benefits. Amazon also hires temporary seasonal jobs during the holiday season. Amazon only hires WAH jobs in certain states.

American Airlines

This airline hires reservation sales agents who work from home but out of particular locations, which include Dallas, TX, Cary, NC, and Miami, FL.


The travel division of American Express has a large telecommute workforce and actively hires telecommuters in the U.S., U.K, Canada, and Australia for travel counselor and other call center jobs. 

ARO Contact Center

ARO uses an at-home workforce based inside the United States as it offers business process outsourcing (BPO) for companies in industries such as insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and energy.

Aspire Lifestyles

This company began by offering virtual, personal concierge services to the high-value customers of its first client, a financial services firm. Over the years it has expanded its client base to include companies that need call center services, morphing into a BPO, and so it now hires both home-based call center agents and virtual assistants


This company provides extended service contracts and product protection programs. Its work-at-home call center agents troubleshoot and provide customer service.


This medical call center company hires registered nurses in certain states to work from home. Pay is $25/hr.


This provider of broadband, entertainment, and voice services offers WAH jobs in call center positions working in both sales and customer service in some U.S. states.

Cloud 10

This Denver company hires what it terms "at home professionals" or AHP to provide customer service, finance, sales, and technical expertise for clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses.


Most of the Cincinnati-based company's call center jobs are on-site, but it still has a large WAH workforce in the United States. Its WAH call center (tech support, sales, and customer service) and bilingual call center jobs include benefits such as paid time off, medical plans, and life insurance.


This car rental company offers remote call center positions for reservation agents. Compensation is approximately $12.50/hour.


Fonemed hires registered nurses (RN license in the state of residence required) from the U.S. and Canada to give health advice to callers. Nurses are compensated on a per-call basis with a minimum per hour paid when the volume is low.

GE Retail Finance

In this division of global conglomerate GE, WAH call center agents in long-term but part-time employment positions are the main points of contact for consumer applicants in the company's healthcare and retail financing programs.


This hotel chain employs work-at-home reservation and customer service agents out of its Dallas and Tampa offices.


The Home Shopping Network (HSN) pioneered shopping from home so it's no surprise it offers work at home employment. It offers WAH jobs in specific locations. Agents take inbound calls and answer questions, upsell merchandise, and complete sales transactions.

Live Ops

This outsourcing company uses only U.S.-based WAH call center agents. Its more than 20,000 virtual call center agents are all independent contractors.


The homeshoring work-at-home call center division hires U.S. residents as employees who take inbound customer service calls for its clients. Agents may provide service in billing, account inquiries, product orders or inquiries, installation scheduling or technical troubleshooting. All positions involve some sales.


This Colorado-based global business process outsourcing (BPO) has a work-at-home division that hires call center agents in the U.S. and U.K to services its clients.


This moving rental company hires part-time work-at-home agents to provide customer service, make reservations, and give roadside assistance in the U.S. and Canada.


This company hires part-time, home-based independent contractors to perform verification services for its newspaper clients.

West at Home

The virtual call center division of this Omaha, NE, outsourcing firm hires its agents as employees, not independent contractors, though they are paid on a per-call basis. They receive inbound calls and perform services like sales, customer service, billing, surveys, account management, and technical support.

Working Solutions

This Texas-based company hires independent contractors as virtual call center agents and for data entry work.