Work at Home Call Center Jobs in DC

Want to find a home-based call center job in DC? Look here!

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Although one might think that your location would matter in a work-at-home call center job, that is not necessarily the case. Only a handful of work-at-home call center companies hire in all states, and even fewer internationally. Some states have a lot, while others have very few call center companies. Washington DC is unfortunately one that has fewer than most. The ones that do hire in DC are often the type that hire independent contractors rather than employees.

This list is by no means definitive, but these call center companies hire for work at home jobs in Washington DC:

  • Accolade Support Call Center Services
    Company hires as independent contractors technical support agents   to do troubleshooting and software support and customer service agents in work-at-home call center positions The jobs pay is a per-minute comp structure that tops out at $10 per hour. Application is via email.
  • American Express
    Financial services company uses remote agents in it travel division,hiring home-based travel agents and customer service agents (especially those with experience in reservation systems) in its Axcess@Home program. Bilingual agents needed also.
  • Apple At-Home Advisors
    This work-at-home call center program from Apple's AppleCare division hires both college students and non-students for full- and part-time positions. Apple provides a computer and phone.
  • ARO
    This company's home-based employees work in customer service, sales and B2B telemarketing as well as insurance auditor sand LPNs and RNs doing telehealth work. See more work-at-home insurance jobs and sales jobs from home.

  • BSG - VoiceLog
    Independent contractors receive inbound calls to do third party verification for utility, cable and financial services clients in these home-based call center jobs. Agents can choose shifts as short as two hours. Pay is $8.50/hour. Agents bilingual in Spanish needed.

    Company provides remote technological support to clients, via home-based tech support chat and call center agents. Its remote services technicians answer inbound calls and its solutions center supervisors support and supervise the remote services technicians.

  • Ver-A-Fast
    Work at home call center agents, who are independent contractors, use a predictive dialer system to make verification calls for company's clients, which are primarily from the newspaper industry.
  • Working Solutions
    Independent contractor, virtual call center agents handle technical support, sales, ticketing and customer service for Working Solutions' clients. There are also some work-at-home data entry and editing jobs.

At almost all of these companies, whether they hire independent contractors or employees, call center agents are expected to provide their own equipment (computer, phone) and services (internet and phone). Read more about home offices for call center jobs.

There may be more companies on this list of call center companies that hire home call center agents from the District of Columbia.