Home Call Center Jobs in Maine

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If you are looking for a work at home call center job in Maine, start here. The companies on this list are known to hire in Maine. Due to labor and tax laws most companies that hire telecommuting call center agents only hire in some states. Some states have a lot home call center companies, while others (like Maine, unfortunately) have only a few call center companies. 

Accolade Support Call Center Services 
Business outsourcing company hires independent contractors all across the United States as home-based tech support agents and customer service reps to service. Pay is a per-minute rate that is capped at $10/hour. However, independent contractors have no minimum wage protection.

Alorica merged with work-at-home call center company West at Home. Like West, it hires in Maine, employing home-based agents who are paid on a per minute or per call basis, but since they are employees they do earn the minimum wage.

Apple At-Home Advisors
Apple employs both college students and non-students for full- and part-time, home-based positions customer and technical support positions in all states. And though jobs are recruited nationwide there are states listed with each position in the companies jobs page, but you don't have to live in that state. 

Company's home call center employees work in positions such as customer service and sales. It also hires insurance auditors and LPNs and RNs to work from home.

Aspire Lifestyles
Specializing in virtual assistant or concierge services, company's remote agents handle customer requests phone, e-mail, and chat. Fluency in French, German, Spanish or Italian is a plus.

Asurion (formerly NEW Corp)
Call center for device replacement insurance hires remote employees for full- and part-time work.

This company hires agents for outbound sales, bilingual customer service (Spanish and French) and financial services. Agents are paid at a rate that is based on minutes of talk time plus sales incentives in some cases. Agents must become "certified" to work for individual clients. This certification is not paid. Candidates must pay approximately $50 for a background check.

Sitel Work@Home, the company's work-at-home program, offers its call center employees professional training from home for full- and part-time jobs.

This company provides technical support services for its clients, using remote chat and call center agents. Its remote services technicians answer inbound calls. More Chat Customer Service Jobs

Remote employees receive inbound customer service and sales calls for a variety of this BPO's clients. They are paid for training, and once started receive around $9/hour. Applicants who are offered a position must pay $45 for a background check. The hiring process for these call center jobs is online and by phone. Bilingual skills a plus.

XACT Telesolutions
Hires inbound and outbound call center agents (English-only and bilingual in Spanish) for work at home jobs. pay ranges from $8-$13/hour. 

There may be more companies on this list of call center companies that hire agents from Maine.