Companies With Work at Home Holiday Jobs

The holidays are hectic enough as it is, but if you can work at home during that time, it could simplify life. Many home-based call centers hire for holiday seasonal jobs, but don't wait too long; most companies that hire for the holiday season start taking applications in August or September. Because of the need for a large workforce during the holidays, seasonal workers are often afforded less flexibility in scheduling, which may mean working nights and weekends. Most seasonable employees are temporary workers without benefits, but some companies may hire more permanent employees during this time as well.

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The holiday season is a big time for this online retail giant, which hires some of its customer service reps as home-based agents. Amazon only hires work-from-home agents in certain states—such as West Virginia, Kentucky, Washington, North Dakota, New York, and Oregon—and the seasonal holiday jobs may not be available in all those states. Although most of the virtual positions are in customer service, there are also jobs with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and as a cloud architect and technologist. Most seasonable positions typically pay $10–$12 per hour, with the potential for bonuses if you work peak hours.

Apple at Home

Apple at Home is a work-from-home call center program that hires both college students and non-students. Before the holiday season, Apple ramps up hiring for these part-time jobs in anticipation of the holiday rush. You can apply to be an At Home Advisor, At Home Team Manager, or At Home Area Manager. Current students can work as Apple Support College Advisors, which is part of the At Home Advisor team.

Convergys Home Agent Program

Concentrix, formerly Convergys, offers employees paid training and benefits, and have schedules with 16–40 hours per week available. They hire in most U.S. states, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Virtual call center agents receive incoming calls and provide services that may include customer service, sales, or technical support.


Intuit's seasonal jobs are in a somewhat different season than most other seasonable jobs on this list since tax season begins during the new year. However, they begin the hiring and training process for its certified public accountants (CPA), enrolled agents (EA), and tax attorneys—who support TurboTax products via phone, chat, and email, and provide written summaries of tax solutions to customers—in the fall.


SYKES Home (formerly known as Alpine Access) offers IT services, technical support, and customer service. Voted as the #15 company with remote jobs, SYKES Home is a great choice for individuals looking to earn extra income. SYKES Home employees take inbound customer service and sales calls for various clients. Reps are paid an average hourly rate of around $10, and paid training is provided. The hiring process for these jobs is online and by phone. It includes a pre-interview screening with a technical skills test, voice audition, and phone interview. Bilingual skills aren't mandatory, but they are a big plus; languages include Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese. Once you have been offered a position, you must pay $45 for a background check.


TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that connects freelancers and those looking to earn some extra money with local individuals who need extra help. These jobs are different than most seasonable at-home jobs because a lot of the work is done outside of the home, but short tasks like those offered on TaskRabbit are in more demand during the holidays.

Tasks available during Halloween include costume and candy delivery, decorating, cleaning, and handing out candy. Thanksgiving tasks include home cleaning, grocery store runs, and cooking. If you'd prefer to work during Christmas time, you can take on tasks like decorating, wrapping presents, and dropping off donations.


Teleflora provides customer service agents for thousands of florists throughout the country. Hiring takes place in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas, and there is often an opportunity for a permanent position after the season is complete. Your job will primarily be answering calls and placing orders with local florists. There are 12–16 hours of required training that will pay at your state's minimum wage, and after that, you'll earn $8 per hour, with a $250 bonus at the end of the season.


TeleTech, a global business process outsourcing company, hires remote call center agents to handle customer service, support, and sales. Pay is $9–$10 per hour, and you must commit to working at least 20 hours a week.