How to Answer an Interview Question About Your Most Successful Sale

Explaining how you made your biggest sale.
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When you answer questions about your sales successes, be sure to give a tangible example of how you were successful.

When applicants are interviewed for a sales job, the interviewer needs quantifiable information in order to properly access how successful the sale truly was. For example, you might have to provide a step-by-step breakdown of what you did to close a difficult sale or the fact that your sale produced a 56 percent increase in revenue year over year.

Sample Answers

  • My most successful sale was one where I had to take over a customer from another salesperson who suddenly had to leave the company. I immediately contacted the client and let them know the situation and made sure to fill them in on my background so that they would be comfortable working with me. I did not say anything negative about my colleague because that would reflect badly on the company. I also explained that I had reviewed their file and was completely up to speed on their situation to date. I knew that my colleague was having a difficult time getting the client to commit to the purchase of a large motorhome. Part of the problem was circumstantial because the client was someone who did not act in haste. I was able to give the customer enough time to reflect on the purchase and because I was sensitive to their needs, I was ultimately able to close the sale.
  • I would say that my most successful sales have all had​ a similar pattern. Once the customer has expressed interest in the product, I make myself available to answer any questions they have. Next, I elaborate on any of the details surrounding the product that they are not familiar with (i.e., features, benefits, etc.). I believe that when a customer is making an expensive purchase, they like to have time to fully understand all the features, and how each feature will benefit them. I also like to explain what makes one company (i.e., manufacturer) preferable to another. By representing a company with a superior product (and a high level of customer support) I have been very successful at landing most of my sales.
  • I have been very fortunate to have met many interesting people in my career as a sales associate. One of the sales which I consider my most successful was an international sale of a large number of books which had been returned to my company after a major retailer closed. By going through my contact base, I discovered that an English Language bookstore in a small suburb of Delhi could make use of these books. I was able to offer the owner a terrific deal. This helped my employer tremendously because we did not have to re-stock the items.

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