Find out How Much Postage Is Required for APO/FPO Mail

Military Mail
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Sending military mail or receiving packages purchased online when deployed overseas can be costly if you do not know how to use the APO/FPO addressing system. Basically, the APO/FPO mail system allows for people in America to mail overseas at domestic rates. But there are some rules behind it in order for it to work to your advantage.  

Here is a commonly asked question about mailing care packages to loved ones overseas as well as easy ways to save money by using the U.S. Postal Service for shipping.

Question: How much postage is required for APO/FPO mail?

Answer: You only have to provide normal, domestic postage on mail going to an APO or FPO address. If you pay $.47 for a stamp to mail something within the continental United States, it only costs $.47 to mail it overseas as long as you have an APO / FPO / DPO address and associated zip code.

The United States Post Office delivers APO and FPO mail to a military facility, located on the East Coast or West Coast of the United States (depending on where the member is stationed/deployed), and the military takes over from there, transporting the mail via military cargo aircraft to the overseas location or Navy ship.

History of Military / Diplomatic Mail

In the 1980’s, the Military Postal Service Agency (MPSA) was created to perform the task of delivering mail world wide to its members.  It is a joint military staff headquartered in the Washington DC.  The United States Postal Service (USPS) rules, regulations and various international laws and agreements apply to the MPSA as it is responsible for the movement of military mail into over 85 countries. Formerly, each branch of the military had its own postal service and ways it operated. Now, the MPSA is the single point of contact with the USPS.


The Mission of the Military Postal Service Agency is to "achieve efficient and responsive processing, transportation, and distribution of personal and official mail within the Department of Defense".

Military and Diplomatic Mailing System is a global mailing system for United States members of the military and foreign service branches of the government.  Every base or diplomatic embassy or consulate will be part of it's own zip code and United States Military Mail System.

Basic Information on American Post Offices Worldwide

The military has postal clerks who will sort and deliver mail. Here are the addresses they use:

APO stands for Army/Air Force Post Office for bases overseas.

FPO stands for Fleet Post Office and is for the Navy/USMC bases and ship abroad.

DPO is another US Post Office that sends mail to the US Embassies worldwide. DPO stands for Diplomatic Post Office. You may have a Marine or State Department member who uses this addressing feature.

Here is a sample of an APO Address: (Army or Air Force)

GEN John Doe
PSC 4321, Box 54321
APO AE 09345-4321

Here is a sample of a FPO Address: (Navy / USMC)

CAPT Jane Doe
USS Murphy (DDG-112)
FPO AP 96543-4321

Here is a sample of a DPO Address:

John Adams
Unit 9300, Box 1000
DPO, AE, 09345-0001

The Suffixes after APO / FPO

These are the following suffices and their meaning:

AE – Armed Forces Europe

AA – Armed Forces Americas

AP – Armed Forces Pacific

The suffixes designate which US Military Post Office the packages will be delivered to within the United States before overseas transporting occurs. Mail sent to an APO/FPO address will go to California, New York, or Florida depending upon the suffix. Once it arrives at these locations, the US Post Office has delivered their package. It is now the Military Post Office job to get the package to an overseas member.  That is why postage for overseas military members only costs domestic rates.

Important Rule for  receiving packages that you purchased through online means.  

*To Save Shipping Fees and Time – If you are ordering something online from an overseas installation, do not add the country the package is going. The APO/FPO or DPO and suffix/zip code is sufficient. Some online shipping fees will increase to foreign shipping if it sees a foreign country in the address.

If you place the country in the country box on online purchases, sometimes the postage will default to regular mail and it could cost you five to ten times as much in shipping fees.


There are restrictions with what and how big a package you can send:

1 - Must be 70 pounds or less.

2 - Length and width cannot add up to over 130 inches

3 - You are limited to the US Mail package restrictions list

4 - Some countries may have additional items that are restricted.