How Summer Fridays Can Improve a Working Moms Life

 Long weekends are the best. What's even better is when your company gives you a long weekend by allowing for flex Fridays. This is called Summer Fridays.

There are different ways a company can give you Fridays off. They may give everyone a full paid day off or have everyone leave at lunchtime. Or they may have you work a flexible schedule by working extra hours Monday through Thursday then take Friday off. Summer Fridays start after Memorial Day weekend and end Labor Day weekend.

People have found that Summer Fridays boost productivity, improve sleep, and ease work stress. Because let's face it, on a summer Friday afternoon, we can all lose focus. Why not show employees that you appreciate and trust them by implementing Summer Fridays!

What could a working mom do with 10 Summer Fridays? You could go lay out by the pool and do nothing. It'd be well deserved. Or with a little planning, you could take advantage of Summer Fridays and improve your quadruple workloads such as your self-care, your family, your house and your career. 

Improve How You Take Care Of Yourself

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After you drop the kids off at summer camp, go to your favorite coffee shop to sit and think. How well do you take care of yourself? Do you follow a plan? Now is the time to create a self-care plan you can't help but follow. 

Do you have an exercise regime that you enjoy? If not, you could use a Summer Friday to visit different gyms. Get a feel for the place that you can't get by visiting their website.  Or you could test out a yoga or dance studio. Go for a hike on a trail you haven't been on before. The goal of this Summer Friday is to find a new way to exercise that you've never tried before.

Do you have a favorite spa, nail salon, or hairdresser? Spend a Summer Friday visiting a few local spas, get pampered and while you're at it, make new friends with their staff. It feels good when you have a salon you look forward to visiting. Not only because of the services they provide but because of how the people make you feel about your self.

Hang Out With Your Girlfriends

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Turn Girls Night into Girls Day with one of your Summer Fridays. Plan a day trip with the girls without children. Go act like kids at a water park or amusement park. Or hit the beach and enjoy sitting still instead of making sand castles.

You could go out for lunch and then the spa or do some shopping. If you're watching your pennies go lounge by their pool and sip some sangria. Relaxing with your girlfriends is a perfect way to start your long weekend.

Grow Your Professional Network

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The motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, is quoted often as saying we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. So why not spend a Summer Friday finding new friends that would enhance your career?

Go find a hot networking event in the city like an all-day event that you normally wouldn't attend. If you've thought about changing career fields register for an event of an association in that field.

Do you have a mentor at work or do you work with a coach? Ask them to hang out with you some Friday afternoon. Even better invite them to the event you want to attend! When you spend a day with influential and motivating people great things can happen. 

Visit a Doctor and a Dentist

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OK, so this isn't the best way to spend a day off, but it is something that needs to be done.

You can line up your physical, six-month dentist appointment and if needed your OBGYN appointments all in one Summer Friday. Then you'd be done for the year (except for your next dentist appointment). Think about it, how often are you at the doctors for your kids? It's time to take care of yourself. A Summer Friday is the best time to make sure you are in good health.

And while you're at it, you could schedule your kids' dentist appointments, too.

Purge a Few Rooms in Your Home

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If you're tired of cleaning up all of your stuff it may be time to get rid some of it. Plan a Summer Friday, when there is no one home and purge a few rooms in your home. Before the big day stock up on boxes and black trash bags. Also, pick a place(s) to bring donations that day or set up a time when someone could pick them up.  

When the big day arrives, put your sneakers on, choose the rooms you want to purge and start sorting. For the things that you keep find them a permanent home. When things have a place in your house they'll cause less clutter.