How Teens Should Answer: Why Do You Want to Work Here?

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When interviewers ask, “Why do you want to work here?” they want to know that you are prepared for not just the interview, but the company itself. They are looking to make sure understand the position but also how that position functions within that specific company.

Knowing what to say can be hard when you have little or no work experience. But some tips can make you feel more confident walking into the interview.

Sample Answers for Your Interview

You will need to spend time reviewing the company and the job description to make sure you're prepared.

Don't forget, it is important as well to ask yourself why you want to work there in the first place. Saying that you just need the money isn't usually received well.

There are a variety of answers, but one thing is more important than anything else: be honest. There must be something about the company you like. Find that, and adjust it to the answers below. You should adapt them to fit your style, but all are considered acceptable during an interview:

  • "I am interested in working for your company because I am a frequent customer of your store. As a customer, I've gotten to know your company well and appreciate your products and the environment that you've created here. It's important for me to work someplace that I admire, and I know that I would be proud to work here."
  • "I would love to work for your company because I have a passion for X, and I plan to study X once I am enrolled in college."
  • "I try to keep myself up to date with the latest styles and trends. I feel that working for you would enable me to put my passion to good use, and allow me to share it with your customers."
  • "I am looking forward to the real-world experience I would get from working in your shop. I know I don't have the strongest resume, but I am a hard worker and would love the opportunity to show you how I can contribute."
  • "I have aspirations of owning my own business one day, and would love to learn from a successful small business owner such as yourself."

Tips for Answering Interview Questions

When you are new to preparing for a job interview and do not have a lot of work experience, the experience can sometimes feel like an interrogation. You can use the following tips to stay sharp in and feel prepared for that situation:

  • Do your research. Find out everything you can about the company and position you are applying for. The more familiar you are with the organization and the job requirements, the better prepared you will be to answer questions relating to your interests and abilities. Review the company's website, read reviews for insight into client interaction, and look up any unfamiliar skills or requirements in the posting to better prepare yourself.
  • Practice answering interview questions you are likely to be asked. Do this exercise with a friend or family member, or even in front of a mirror. The more practice you get, the more relaxed you will be. Print out a list of common interview questions and jot down or brainstorm simple, concise responses on which you can build during your interview.
  • Stay calm. Pausing for a deep breath during an interview is OK. Taking some time to answer a question makes you appear thoughtful, and that you are taking the question seriously.

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