Boston Market Career and Employment Information

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Interested in working at Boston Market? Boston Market is a leader in the fast-casual restaurant category, providing meals in one of their more than 400 restaurants nationwide. The company offers in-restaurant dining, takeout, and catering services. Boston Market has over 10,000 employees nationwide in a variety of restaurant and corporate positions.

Boston Market notes some key features of their employment culture, including opportunities for professional advancement, superior training, development programs, multiple benefits, and the ability to find work-life balance.

Boston Market Employment Information

Boston Market employment information — including job openings, career paths, and employee perks — is available on their website. You can watch a series of videos to learn about different positions and what it is like working for Boston Market.

Boston Market Career Opportunities

As evidence of their commitment to employee advancement, Boston Market clearly defines a typical Boston Market career path. Employees can progress from an entry-level role as a Team Member at a particular restaurant all the way up to a Director of Operations who manages a number of Area Managers.

The ascent from Team Member to Director of Operations includes a number of different jobs, including Shift Supervisor, Assistant General Manager, General Manager, Area Manager, and City Manager.

Boston Market Job Search

Under "Career Search” on the jobs and employment information page, you can search for jobs ranging from hourly restaurant jobs to management jobs to corporate positions. You can search by job title or keyword, or include your zip code (or city and state) to see what jobs are near you.

You can narrow the search further by selecting one of four career categories: Corporate, Hourly, Project Manager, and Restaurant Management. Corporate jobs include positions in areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources.

Restaurant Management positions range from General Manager to Assistant General Manager to Catering Operations Supervisor. Hourly jobs include positions such as Servers, Carvers, Cashiers, and Catering Drivers.

There is also a “Career Map” that allows you to find jobs within a certain radius of where you live.

Application Information

Boston Market lists all open jobs on their Careers site. Simply click the “Apply” button to the right of the job title to see more details about the position. However, you have to register online for their platform, talentReef, to apply for any job. The browser will then take you to the more detailed job description page, where you can click “Apply Now.”

First, you will be required to upload your resume through copy and paste or by uploading it from your computer, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. From there, you will create a profile username and password that will include your contact information, education, and more. Once you have completed your profile, you can continue to search and apply for any job opening at the company.

You can also sign up to receive job updates via email. Simply click on Talent Community at the top of the jobs and employment information page. Fill out the information, such as your contact information, your desired work location, and the types of jobs that spark your interest. You will then receive email updates alerting you to job openings that fit your interests. You can even upload your resume here.

Finally, if you see a job opening you want to send to someone else, click the “Share” button next to the listing. This will allow you to share the job with others via social media or email. You can also use this button to email the listing to yourself.

Employee Benefits

Boston Market offers a variety of benefits to qualified employees, including health, dental, and vision insurance, disability and life insurance, and time-off programs. Perks also include meal discounts and discount programs like tuition and cellphone discounts.

Keep in mind that not all Boston Market jobs offer the same perks, so be sure to look into the benefits package of each job you apply for.