How to Become a Pregnant Model for Maternity Clothing

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio famously walked the runway in 2011 when she was expecting her second child – wearing only some racy lingerie and a 30 lb. and a six-foot-wide pair of copper angel wings. Most pregnant women, models or not, likely applaud Alessandra for rocking the runway the way she did, but there is a market for maternity models that doesn’t require wearing lingerie for millions of people to see! If you’re expecting, or plan to be soon, there are a few things you should know about being a pregnant model. 

If You’ve Never Modeled Before, It’s a Good Time to Start

Even if modeling is something totally new to you, beginning as a pregnant model can actually be a great time to start. There is a specific niche for pregnant models because they’re needed for maternity clothing and lingerie ads, among others. Next time you’re flipping through a magazine, take note of all of the kinds of ads pregnant models are used for, and you’ll likely find the industry is WAY more popular than you expected.

Importance of Staying Healthy and Fit Throughout Your Pregnancy

Of course, your body will go through changes when you’re pregnant, but if you want to be a maternity model you will need to maintain a healthy physique. Experts recommend keeping up with a diet and exercise regime appropriate for pregnant women and approved by your doctor throughout your pregnancy. Many women enjoy a natural “glow” about them during their pregnancy, along with thicker hair. You can use these perks to your advantage as they can really enhance your look in photographs.

You’ll Need to Keep Your Industry Updated Throughout Your Pregnancy

If you are signed to a modeling agency when you are pregnant, you will need to keep them updated with regular shots of your growing belly so they know the kinds of work you would be the perfect fit for. Some agencies may even ask for weekly updates. Don’t worry about your belly looking too big or too small, as there are markets for ALL sizes of pregnant bodies and bellies. 

Confidence Is Key

While it’s important to be confident in all types of modeling jobs, a beaming smile and confident look is highly coveted in maternity models. Most ads featuring pregnant woman showcase them looking happy and healthy to portray a positive message. If you are submitting snapshots to a modeling agency, make sure you have great posture (shoulders back, chin up!) and don’t be afraid to show off your belly. When you feel at ease with your body it will come through in photos and give you the happy, glowing look agencies love in maternity models.

Getting Started

While there are some agencies that cater specifically to expectant mothers, there are also model agencies that cater to models of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, and heights, and those would be a good choice if you’d like to continue modeling once you’ve had your baby, and you could even get your baby modeling too. Not only is there a market for expectant models, but there is also a huge market for “family” modeling including infants of all ages and stages.

If you think you’d be a great maternity model, (or any kind of model!) there’s no time like the present to begin. The modeling world is constantly growing and changing and there are markets for all kinds of looks. If you’re already a model or want to become one, being pregnant definitely doesn’t need to stop you, and in fact, in might be the perfect way to break into the industry!