How to Make More Money in Sales

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When it comes to careers with a high-income potential, few can compete with sales. But just being in sales doesn't mean that you will earn a high income. There is no secret to sales except hard work, determination and a positive attitude.

If you find yourself needing to earn more money, you are causing yourself more harm than good.

The Problem of "Need"

Remember the last time that you were hungry. Very hungry. 

Now ask yourself, "What did I eat to satiate your hunger?" If you are like most, you ate the first thing that didn't disgust you that you could find. Your meal probably didn't fit into any health or diet plan that you have in place and was consumed just to get rid of the hunger pains.

Need drives behaviors that are often not in alignment with our wants or desires. Need makes us do things that we normally wouldn't do. So when you find yourself "needing" to earn more money, you will, most likely, do things in your job that you wouldn't do without the need.

Examples of "need-driven" behavior include trying too hard close a sale when a more elegant approach is called for or accepting a "win-lose" sale that finds you earning commission while your customer does not receive what they fully expected.

Lastly, visiting with a customer with dollar signs in your eyes is an almost certain way to lose rapport along with any potential to make a sale.

Replace "Need" With Intention

Regardless of your feelings surrounding the Law of Attraction, a significant amount of credible evidence indicates that those with a clear purpose achieve more than those without a sense of purpose and direction. If you "need" to earn more money, turning that need into an intention to earn more money places you in a significantly more powerful emotional state. As an example, notice the difference you feel when you hope for something and when you expect something. The more powerful emotional state you are in, the more resourceful and effective you will become.

Clarity Is Power

Stating that you want or intend to earn more money is too ambiguous to have any positive results. "Earning more money" can mean earning an extra penny or an extra billion dollars. Instead of simply deciding that you want to earn more money, decide exactly how much more you intend to earn. Whether your intention is to increase your earnings by 5 percent or 500 percent, get clear.

Once you know your intention, write down all the reasons you intend to earn more money, the benefits you will experience as a result and the consequences you will suffer if you don't reach your intention. Make your list as detailed and as expansive as possible. Let your reasons sink in and become part of your everyday life.

Make It Happen

The final step is one that few ever take. Many people want to earn more money, and some know exactly how much more they want to make. Very few design a plan to make their intention a reality and fewer still exhibit the perseverance and dedication to reach their intention.

Operating from a place of intention, made real by emotions and planning will give you an edge over others as well as over your old "needs-based" self. But without action, focus and consistency, your intentions will slip into becoming wishes. While wishes may come true in Disney World, they seldom come true in the real world when not coupled with effort.