How Do You Stop Email Messages From LinkedIn

LinkedIn email settings
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Are you tired of all the email you get from LinkedIn? The site will send you an email for just about everything - what's happening with your connections, group messages, invitations, updates and more - if you aren't careful about your settings.

If you're getting too much email from LinkedIn, you can adjust your settings to limit or stop the volume of email you are receiving. It's easy to cut back on the volume of messages you get from LinkedIn. With just a few steps, you can eliminate almost all the email you get.

How to Turn Off or Reduce the Messages You Get From LinkedIn

Here's how to stop or reduce LinkedIn emails:

  1. Click on Privacy & Settings (under your profile picture in the right corner of the desktop page) 
  2. Click on Communications 

You will now be able to change the following options:

  • Email frequency
  • Who can send you invitations
  • Messages from members
  • Group invitations
  • Group notifications
  • Participate in research
  • Partner InMail

Click on each option to change your email and communication settings. Each section contains different options for personalizing when and how you receive emails of that type. For example, if you click on "Email frequency," you can choose which types of emails from Connection invitations to Jobs and Opportunities you would and would not like to receive.

Where to View Messages

You can quickly edit your settings to reduce the volume of email you get from LinkedIn to a manageable amount. Even if you do turn off most email messages, you'll still be able to view them in your inbox, which has sections for Invitations and Messages from other LinkedIn users.