How to Work for TaskRabbit

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TaskRabbit is an online, mobile marketplace for everyday chores and services. The platform allows buyers and sellers of services — which are mostly real-world tasks — to connect and negotiate the parameters of a job, the price and the time frame required to complete it. TaskRabbit then takes a percentage of the hourly rate charged. Users of the service and those who do the work — known as Taskers — each review one another.​

Here are some important facts about tasking with TaskRabbit.

TaskRabbit History

TaskRabbit was founded in 2008 in Boston under the premise of neighbors helping neighbors. It was later moved to San Francisco, where the current headquarters are based.

TaskRabbit was acquired by IKEA in 2017, but remains an independent company. The site has a separate IKEA furniture assembly service.

TaskRabbit currently operates in almost 50 U.S. cities, four British cities — Birmingham, Bristol, London and Manchester — and two Canadian cities — Toronto and Vancouver.

The site boasts more than 140,000 vetted Taskers registered to help people with their everyday chores.

Opportunities at TaskRabbit

While TaskRabbit is an opportunity to establish a home-based business, most of the work will not be done at home. There are “virtual only” tasks available to approved Taskers who live in one of its service areas, but the basic premise of the organization is to help its clients with real-world tasks.

People at TaskRabbit perform a wide variety of duties including:

  • Handyman
  • Moving
  • Parties and events
  • Home repairs
  • Holiday help
  • Cleaning
  • Delivery and shopping
  • Seasonal chores
  • General help

While this isn't an exhaustive list, the duties above represent some of the more popular categories available through the site.

Requirements for Taskers

Taskers must be 21 years old, have a Social Security number, pass a background check, have a Facebook or LinkedIn page, and have a checking account.

They also need to have skills that can translate to the tasks they intend to perform. Owning or having access to a car is not a requirement, but in many cities it may be necessary. This is to ensure you can access a wide range of tasks. But living in a densely populated metro area like New York — where public transit is available — also helps.

How TaskRabbit Works

If you're considering becoming a Tasker, you will need to register online and input your personal information, confirm your identity and undergo a criminal background check. Once approved, you will then be invited to attend an on-boarding information session before you can start tasking.

After the training session, you can identify your preferred work area on a map and set your hourly rates. These rates differ based on the type of task. You can also set hours and availability.

As buyers of services (clients) outline their needed jobs, these tasks become available for Taskers to accept. Clients can also directly assign you a task based on your profile. Reviews by clients and your acceptance and completion of tasks build the profile that clients see.

Compensation at TaskRabbit

How much you make at TaskRabbit depends on a lot of variables including your skills, availability and the amount of time you've worked. Taskers set their own hourly rate but, of course, they need to be competitive. The company touts its “Elite Taskers” who make thousands of dollars per month. These are the people who have excellent reviews and accept and complete a majority of tasks.

TaskRabbit takes 15% of the hourly fees charged. So if you do a job for $100, you receive $85 while TaskRabbit keeps $15.

Those hiring Taskers are also charged an additional 7.5% “trust and safety fee”, but that does not come out of the Taskers’ pocket.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a Tasker is a great way to use the skills you have and make a little extra money. Remember, the more tasks you complete, the more great reviews you'll get from the people hiring you. And that means you'll make more money in the end.