Learn How to Improve Your Sales Closing Skills

When most people think about the world of sales, they envision sales professionals closing sales. Some using hard-closing tactics and others using their rapport skills alone. Regardless of the sales professional's strengths and techniques, closing a sale is, and always will be a critical skill.

Getting a pipeline filled with prospects will do nothing if those prospects are not converted to customers. This need for closing a sale is also extremely relevant to those looking for a job. Job hunters must learn how to close the sale after an interview to get the position or to move towards the next step in the process.

Top 10 Tips to Close a Sale

Closing a sale can be a challenging event. Not only does a sales professional have to fully understand her prospect's needs, wants and objection, but also to fully understand how her product or service solves those needs.

While any experienced sales professional has their own list of closing tips, this article details the Top 10 that are consistently heard in sales bullpens around the country.

The Puppy Dog

How can anyone resist?. Thomas Phelps

Who can resist the allure of a puppy? Since I have two running around my house, I certainly am one who fully understands "puppy power."

The puppy dog close is one of the easiest and most powerful closing techniques you will ever use. However, it needs to be used in the right circumstances, with the right products and only to the right prospects.

Using the puppy dog close can backfire very easily and end up costing you a sale and your company money if you don't know how to use this closing technique properly.

The Assumptive Close

Sales is not an easy career field so any technique aimed at making the closing part of a sales cycle easier is a technique that should be mastered!

Assuming a sale can bring in plenty of sales without creating additional struggle but assuming can also make a sales professional careless, lazy and unemployed.​

The Hard Close

Not everyone in sales is cut out to effectively use the hard close technique. And most customers hate when hard closes are used. However, sometimes, when a sales professional has nothing to lose, closing hard is the best way to either get a sale or to determine if a prospect will ever become a customer.​

The Relationship Close

A simple handshake is like a standing ovation to a sales professional. Thomas Phelps

People buy from people they like and find a reason not to buy from people they do not like. This is a golden rule in sales and instructs sales professionals to be as likable as possible.

There is no one in the world that everyone likes and trying to get everyone to like you is a losing battle. Instead, an experienced sales professional should seek to build a relationship built on rapport and professional respect. These alone often creates a strong enough relationship to close a significant number of sales.

The Take-Away

The Take Away Close is best used after much practice. www.chad-logan.com

People hate to lose. Experienced sales professional not only know this but understand how taking something away from their prospects can lead to sales.

A word of caution: Don't try this closing technique until you fully understand the finer points of this close!

The Backwards Close

Like The Take-Away Close, the Backwards Close is a somewhat advanced closing technique that can be a bit complicated to manage. But when mastered, this closing technique is a powerful way to work a sales cycle starting with building emotions first, then towards how a prospect can enjoy the positive emotions he wants.

The Colombo Sale

Learn from the Master Closer: Colombo. www.suprbay.org

Who would have thought that the classic TV detective character, Colombo, could be a master sales teacher?

If you are old enough to remember Colombo, you probably know that Colombo used surprise as a powerful tool to uncover the truth. The character's classic "just one more thing" line translates wonderfully to the discovery process in a sales cycle.