In-Flight Wi-Fi Costs for Passengers

Businessman on aeroplane, wearing headphones and using laptop computer

Henrik Sorensen / Getty Images

These days, most national airlines have equipped their aircraft with onboard Wi-Fi capabilities, and the service is also available on regional and international airlines.

The price of airborne Wi-Fi varies depending on airline and the type of package the customer purchases. It generally starts at around $7 an hour or $19 for 24 hours. Monthly packages start at around $50, and year-long access is about $600. Some airlines also offer free Wi-Fi.

Domestic Airlines Offering Free Wi-Fi

As of October 2019, the only domestic airline offering free Wi-Fi on its flights is JetBlue. The airline has been offering its complimentary Fly-Fi service on flights across the continental U.S. since 2016.

However, Delta Air Lines may soon be the next airline to roll out free Wi-Fi on its flights. The company rolled out free Wi-Fi access to select flights as part of a pilot program in May 2019 with plans to offer it on all of its aircrafts over the next couple of years.

Wi-Fi Prices for Gogo-Partnered Airlines

Gogo debuted its in-flight service on American Airlines in 2008 and now partners with most major carriers in the U.S., including Virgin America, United Airlines, Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Air Canada.

Wi-Fi packages are available on domestic flights for direct purchase through Gogo's website:

  • $7.00—1 hour of in-flight internet access
  • $19.00—24 hours of in-flight internet access
  • $49.95—Monthly access on any Gogo-partner airline
  • $59.95—Monthly access for two devices on any Gogo-partner airline
  • $599.00—Yearly access on any Gogo-partner airline

Delta offers internet access through Gogo on international flights at slightly higher rates:

  • $28.00—24 hours of in-flight internet access
  • $69.95—Monthly access

Other Domestic Airline Rates

Not all major airlines partner with Gogo, but some still offer limited or full internet access:

  • Hawaiian Airlines: Some free services and on-demand movies and TV shows are available when connecting through the airline's mobile app. Prices for on-demand titles range from $5.99 to $7.99.
  • Southwest Airlines: Internet access is available on board some Southwest flights for $8 per day. Passengers can check on Southwest's website up to 24 hours in advance to see if their flights have Wi-Fi. Some flights also allow access to free live TV and movies for $5 per movie per device.

Wi-Fi Prices on International Airlines

Most major international carriers offer some form of Wi-Fi access, each with their own pricing plans and features:

  • Emirates: Passengers receive up to 20 megabytes and two hours of Wi-Fi access for free. Non-Skywards members pay $9.99 per flight for up to 150 MB or $15.99 per flight for up to 500 MB. First-class and business-class Skywards members receive free unlimited access, as do Gold and Platinum Skywards members in economy class. Silver Skywards members in economy class pay $4.99 for up to 150 MB or $7.99 for up to 500 MB. Blue Skywards members pay $6.99 for up to 150 MB or $10.99 for up to 500 MB.
  • Lufthansa: FlyNet onboard Wi-Fi service is billed by Deutsche Telecom, and Lufthansa Miles & More passengers can exchange miles for internet service. One hour of access costs $10 or 3,000 miles. Four hours costs $15.50 or 4,500 miles, and full-flight access costs $19 or 5,500 miles.
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle: Norwegian Air Shuttle offers free Wi-Fi service on most of its flights in Europe and between the U.S. and the Caribbean. No Wi-Fi access is available on long-haul international flights.
  • Qantas: The Australian airline offers free Wi-Fi service on select domestic flights with plans to continue expanding its number of Wi-Fi-enabled airplanes.
  • Qatar Airways: Qatar offers access through Oryx One Communications, and rates vary depending on aircraft and flight.