15 Companies With Incredible Employee Perks

People practicing in a yoga studio

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Standard benefits, like 401k matching funds and medical and dental insurance, are important benefits that many job candidates look for in a benefits package.

Companies With Great Employee Perks

A number of companies go above and beyond these standard benefits, providing innovative new perks to keep employees happy and productive. Here is a list of fifteen companies (in alphabetical order) that have developed unique benefits for their employees.


Headquarters: St. Paul, Minnesota

What they do: 3M Company produces a variety of products ranging from adhesives to electronics to medical products. The company includes brands such as Post-it, Scotch, and Ace.

Employee Perks: 3M offers a variety of perks to keep employees mentally and physically healthy. They offer smoking cessation, weight management, and stress management programs. The office also contains an on-site pharmacy, medical clinic, and a fitness center. Employees can also take advantage of the company’s child and elder care consulting services.


Headquarters: New York, New York

What they do: AOL is a mass media corporation that develops brands and websites. AOL brands include MapQuest and Moviefone.

Employee Perks: AOL offers great perks for new parents. The company’s WellBaby program provides a number of family benefits to employees, including prenatal instruction and a lactation program. The office includes an on-site care facility for new parents as well.


Headquarters: Sunnyvale, California

What they do: Yahoo is a multinational Internet corporation known for various applications such as the Yahoo search engine and Yahoo mail.

Employee Perks: Yahoo employees work hard, but they play hard too. Staff can burn off steam in the on-site gym with yoga, cardio-kickboxing, and Pilates classes, or relax with regularly scheduled events like concerts and barbecues. To have fun outside the office, Yahoo workers also get discounts at ski resorts and amusement parks.

Yahoo employees can also attend the company’s Influential Speaker Series, where celebrities and like Tom Cruise and Tom Brokaw come to speak to the company.

Boston Consulting Group

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

What they do: The Boston Consulting Group is a global management consulting company.

Employee Perks: Executives at the Boston Consulting Company strive to instill a work-life balance in their employees to combat the high intensity of consulting. The firm issues a “Red Zone Report” to management when an employee is working too many hours.

The firm also allows flexible scheduling, which is ideal for working parents. BCG offers generous leave; new moms can extend their unpaid leave up to one year (this includes adoptive mothers as well).

Campbell Soup

Headquarters: Camden, New Jersey

What they do: Campbell produces canned soups and other related products, which are sold internationally.

Employee Perks: For employees with young children, Campbell Soup has an on-site kindergarten and after-school programs. The office also has a lactation room for mothers. Other benefits help to keep employees healthy: the company offers healthy cooking lessons, subsidized costs on healthy meal options in the cafeteria, and an on-site fitness center.


Headquarters: New York, New York

What they do: Deloitte is a professional services firm that provides clients with a variety of financial services, including tax, audit, and financial advice.

Employee Perks: Deloitte offers employees unique sabbatical programs. Employees can take up to four unpaid weeks off for any reason. Workers can also choose to take 3 - 6 months off, partially paid, to pursue a career-enhancing opportunity.

Ernst & Young

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom

What they do: EY is an international professional services firm, providing audit, tax, consulting, and advisory services to companies.

Employee Perks: EY provides a variety of benefits for working parents. The company provides low-cost backup childcare and a parents’ network that includes seminars and forums (such as a forum for parents of children with special needs).

EY was also one of the first big accounting firms to reimburse LGBT employees for the additional federal and state taxes incurred for their same-sex domestic partners’ medical benefits.


Headquarters: Mountain View, California

What they do: Best known for their search engine, Google provides a variety of tools and products, including Chrome and Gmail.

Employee Perks: Google has long been known as a company with a wide variety of perks to keep employees happy and motivated. Google makes it almost unnecessary for workers to leave the office – there are free meals, on-site doctors and medical services, yoga classes, massages, and backup childcare. Google even provides employees with a free concierge service to handle errands, such as picking up dry cleaning or taking a car for an oil change.  

Google also offers longer maternity and paternity leave than the average American company: dads get six weeks paid leave, and moms can take up to 18 weeks leave.

J.M. Smucker Company

Headquarters: Orrville, Ohio

What they do: The J.M. Smucker Company produces food products within a wide family of brands, including Smucker’s, Jif, and Folgers.

Employee Perks: J.M. Smucker offers its employees a number of health-related benefits, including on-site wellness opportunities (such as health screenings and education programs) and a financial incentive for employees enrolled in the company’s healthy lifestyle program. However, perhaps the most unique perk is that the company reimburses employees for tuition costs up to 100%, with no cap.


Headquarters: Palo Alto, California

What they do: Medallia enables companies to capture and understand customer feedback through a variety of cloud-based services.

Employee Perks: Medallia offers employees a unique perk: a budget for overcoming fears. Employees are given money to help them overcome a particular fear, whether personal or professional. People have used this money for everything from stand-up comedy classes (to overcome a fear of public speaking) to singing lessons.

SC Johnson & Son

Headquarters: Racine, Wisconsin

What they do: SC Johnson & Son is an international manufacturer of household products. The company produces brands like Windex, Pledge, Glad, and Ziploc.

Employee Perks: Being a family company, SC Johnson not surprisingly provides a number of family benefits, including generous maternity and paternity leave and family volunteer events. Employees can also take advantage of the company’s concierge service for a variety of chores, including delivering groceries, getting an oil change, and mailing packages.

Employees can continue to enjoy some of these perks after retirement. Upon retirement, former employees get a lifetime membership to the company fitness center, which boasts softball fields, volleyball courts, a swimming pool, and driving range.


Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

What they do: Scottrade is an online investing firm.

Employee Perks: Do you like your job but wish you could relocate? In an extremely unique perk, Scottrade will consider opening a new branch in an area to which an employee is moving. Scottrade has opened at least 20 offices for employees that have moved.


Headquarters: New York, New York

What they do: SeatGeek is a ticket search engine. It aggregates ticket sellers (StubHub, TicketsNow) to get you the best deal.

Employee Perks: SeatGeek employs a social planner to arrange bonding activities like ping-pong tournaments and bowling events. Happy hours, catered lunches, and a constant supply of beer and espresso are other ways the company keeps employees happy at the office.

SeatGeek also encourages healthy, green employees, offering a free Citi Bike annual membership.


Headquarters: Seattle, Washington

What they do: Starbucks is a global coffee company and coffeehouse chain.

Employee Perks: Starbucks is known for offering good perks, particularly to part-time workers. All employees working at least 20 hours a week get benefits. The company also encourages camaraderie through a variety of local community service projects throughout the year.

Corporate employees enjoy a number of other perks, including a gym subsidy, a job-sharing program, and on-site childcare.


Headquarters: Stratham, New Hampshire

What they do: Timberland designs, makes and markets a variety of clothing, footwear, and outdoor gear.

Employee Perks: Timberland employees get even more than just a significant discount on all Timberland gear. Employees have great time-off benefits – their Path of Service program gives employees 40 hours of paid time off per year to perform volunteer work in their communities. Some employees are even granted Service Sabbaticals, in which they can provide service for an extended period of time.