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As companies grow larger and the world becomes more globalized, the business world expands across borders to help discover, control, and expand new markets internationally. As a result, these organizations need more and more workers to remain competitive in the ever-growing business world.

Companies are hiring employees interested in working alongside others on the global stage, from entry-level positions to management roles in fields such as communications, finance, technology, and government.

Are you interested in working overseas? Review these typical qualifications for getting hired for international employment, as well as lists of international business and international affairs job titles.

International Business Job and Education Requirements

International business is still a newly emerging field, making it very accessible for new graduates entering the workforce or for employees within a company looking to make a change. For most international business jobs, companies require a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. Many candidates also have a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or another professional degree such as a Master in International Management (MIIM) to illustrate their passion for business, economics, and management. 

In addition to education, viable candidates are also successful communicators. These international roles require employees to act as an ambassador or representative for their company and to engage in contracts and deal making with other companies or clients abroad.

Companies expect professionals to not only know their products and mission, but also to keep in mind the cultural nuances that may be present. Without the proper respect and consideration for differences in business practices, clients, businesses, and entire markets could be lost. Learning new languages, keeping up with new practices and technologies, and furthering your education are great ways to stay abreast and maintain your competitive edge with international business matters.

Here is a list of job titles for international business and international affairs/development positions.

International Business Job Titles

A - F

  • Account Executive
  • Analyst, International Treasury
  • Analyst, Logistics
  • Analyst - International Benefits
  • Assistant Manager, International Marketing Services
  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative
  • Bilingual Sales Representative
  • Business Development Associate
  • Business Engagement Director
  • Cocoa Trader Trainee
  • Controller
  • Director of International Growth
  • European Markets Team Lead
  • Export Specialist
  • Financial Analyst - Global Implementation Team
  • Foreign Banking Compliance Officer
  • Foreign Currency Investment Advisor
  • Foreign Currency Sales Representative
  • Foreign Policy Advisor
  • Foreign Trade Zone Administrator

G - I

  • Global Account Manager
  • Global Business Administrator
  • Global Business Analysis Director
  • Global Commodity Manager
  • Global Internal Communication Specialist
  • Global Product Manager
  • Global Supply Manager
  • Import/Export Specialist
  • Incident Analyst
  • International Assignment Specialist
  • International Banking Coordinator
  • International Business Analyst
  • International Business Development Director
  • International Business Meeting Planner
  • International Business Operations Associate
  • International Management Consultant

    I - K

    • International Business Specialist
    • International Claims Manager 
    • International Division Project Coordinator
    • International Logistics Coordinator
    • International Manager, Marketing and Communications
    • International Market Coordinator
    • International Operations Accelerated Development Program
    • International Pricing, Process and Administration Analyst
    • International Retail Operations Consulting Manager
    • International Retirement Leader
    • International Sales Director
    • International Technical Coordinator
    • International Trade Specialist
    • International Travel Counselor
    • International Traveling Recruiter
    • Junior Business Development Manager

    L - Z

    • Manager, Global Sales and Marketing Operations
    • Manager International Business Development
    • Manager of Contracts
    • Marketing Manager Asia
    • Marketing Director
    • Multinational Manager
    • Mid-Level International Associate (Attorney)
    • Middle East Business Development Manager
    • Principal International Products Manager
    • Purchasing and Planning Analyst
    • Purchasing Coordinator - International
    • Rotational International Integration Director
    • Sales Manager, International Content Sales
    • SEO/SEM Analyst - International
    • Technical Associate Country Manager
    • Technical Program Manager - International Expansion Team
    • Trade Assistant - International
    • Trade and Customs Manager
    • Trade Compliance Analyst
    • Trade Compliance Leader
    • Translator
    • Vice President of Global Data and Platform

    International Affairs / Development Job Titles

    A - D

    • Asia Regional Representative
    • Associate - Event Production Services
    • Associate Director, Regulatory Affairs
    • Chief of Party 
    • Child Protection Specialist
    • Communications Officer
    • Counterintelligence Officer
    • Country Director
    • Deputy Director for Countering Violent Extremism
    • Development Assistant
    • Development Associate
    • Direct Marketing Assistant
    • Director of Fundraising and Communications
    • Director of Policy

    E - P

    • Economic Development Specialist
    • Economic Security Delegate
    • Education Specialist
    • Emergency Health Program Coordinator
    • Emergency Response Coordinator
    • Events Manager
    • Family Planning Adviser
    • Fellow, Energy
    • Finance Director
    • Food Security Analyst
    • Foreign Affairs Specialist
    • Foreign Service Officer
    • Gender and Participatory Methods Specialist
    • General Counsel
    • Global Relations Officer
    • Grants and Compliance Manager
    • Head of Mission
    • Human Dimension Officer
    • Humanitarian Program Manager
    • Intelligence Analyst
    • International Affairs Cyber Analyst
    • Interpreter
    • Lead Proposal Writer
    • Legal System Monitor
    • Membership Engagement Coordinator
    • Microfinance Program Coordinator
    • Operations Analyst
    • Partnership Analyst
    • Policy Analyst
    • Political Affairs Officer
    • Program Assistant
    • Project Manager
    • Protection Coordinator
    • Public Affairs Officer
    • Publications Editor

    R - Z

    • Red Cross Country Representative
    • Research Associate, Africa
    • Research Associate, Latin America
    • Research Associate, Middle East
    • Researcher, Conflict Mapping
    • Response Team Leader
    • Senior Crisis Adviser
    • Social Media Coordinator
    • Sustainable Agriculture and Gender Adviser
    • Technical Adviser, Family Planning and Reproductive Health
    • Translator
    • Urban Displacement Policy Adviser
    • Woman's Protection and Empowerment Manager

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