Internship Opportunities for Students of Color

Internships offer an excellent opportunity for college students to get real-world experience in a career they’d like to learn more about. Participating in an internship also helps to build a robust professional resume while gaining valuable opportunities to meet and network with talented professionals. Some programs are available specifically for students of color and other under-represented groups. 

Amherst College

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Amherst College provides a list of internship and fellowship opportunities ranging from the arts, business, communications, education, government, health, mental health, law, science, technology, research, social services, and not-for-profit organizations.

The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers special internship opportunities for students of color with population-specific resources. These include programs for African American, Asian American, Hispanic/Latino, and indigenous Native American students. Additional information on funding sources are all provided on the University of Pennsylvania website.


SEO provides educational and career programs for students from underserved communities, helping them to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them to achieve both college and career success. Students are recruited and trained for summer internships with investment banks, corporate law firms, and other leading global companies.

Over 75 percent of SEO interns have received job offers from corporate partners. SEO worked directly with over 50 corporate and non-profit partners over a two-year period to provide more than 600 internships.

INROADS Internship Program

INROADS helps American, Hispanic, and Native American Indian students arrange internships with some of the nation’s largest companies. The goal is for students to complete multi-year paid internships with Fortune 1000 companies.

INROADS' mission is to cultivate and place talented students of color in organizations where they can learn about corporate and community leadership and that might lead to potential full-time jobs. Companies that have participated in the INROADS program include Ernst & Young, IBM, Merrill Lynch, General Motors, General Electric, Lucent Technologies, and Boeing.

Management Leadership for Tomorrow

MLT offers a number of career programs, including career prep for tomorrow’s leaders who are still attending college. Students are assigned to a mentor who can help them with graduate school prep and finding full-time employment. Participating students are also provided with internship, fellowship, and volunteer listings to help them gain the relevant experience required by employers when they seek jobs after graduation.

There are some minimal costs to participate in this program. Students who secure paid summer internships are required to make a small contribution to MLT at the completion of their internships.

Co-op/Internships and Summer Research Opportunities

This is an excellent site where both minority students and students from other underrepresented groups can find co-ops, internships or summer research opportunities in the sciences and medicine. Participating organizations strive to enhance ethnic diversity and they encourage minority students to apply. Many of these opportunities offer good pay; travel reimbursement, housing, and meals. Check the listings to find out what benefits each organization provides.

National Association of Black Journalists

NABJ provides internship opportunities for students interested in pursuing future careers in journalism. The association's goal is to improve the media’s coverage of the black community.

Applicants selected for these 10-week internships are offered positions in print, broadcast, or online disciplines at selected news organizations across the country. These organizations range from small black-owned weekly newspapers to major daily and broadcast outlets. Most publications require previous experience in the field before they'll even consider offering full-time jobs in journalism, and that makes this a valuable program.

The Yale School of Management Pre-MBA Leadership Program

The Yale School of Management Pre-MBA Leadership Program is a two-week summer program targeted toward college sophomores, juniors, seniors, and recent college graduates from populations that are normally underrepresented in management education.

The emphasis of this program is on leadership, and this is the mission of the School of Management: To educate leaders for business and society.” Upon completion of the program, you'll return to your college or to a full-time job with motivation and a knowledge of business management, as well as a greater sense of what it means to be a leader.